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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cloth Diaper Spotlight: bumGenius

I've been cloth diapering for four months now and I've tried a good many different kinds of diapers.  BumGenius was the first cloth diaper brand I tried.

The thing I loved about bumGenius, was that they are so similar to disposables.  I mean, going from Pampers to a bumGenius 3.0 diaper is not a stretch at all because they go on just like disposables.  We first put these diapers on The Precious (our nickname for our daughter ;-P) when she was 9lbs.  (She was 9lbs 5 oz at birth and then went down to 8lbs 13oz).  I found that, though it was bulkier than the size one pampers the hospital put her in (she never did fit the newborn size),  the fit was good and I was pleased.  We are still using bumGenius, and though they are not the perfect cloth diapers I seek, I love them.

bumGenius 3.0 One-Sized Pocket Diaper Stats

Closure: Double sided aplix with laundry tabs.
Pocket: The pocket has a flap of the inner fabric over it to keep the insert in place while being worn
Price: $17.95 (usually)
Insert: Comes with two made of microfiber: a newborn sized insert that is shorter and thinner than a normal insert and can also be used as a double for night diapering, and a thicker, larger insert that adjusts with snaps.

Colors: comes in 9 colors
Durability: Seems durable after four months though the laundry tabs wear out.  Cotton babies offers a bumGenius Refresher kit for $1.00 that includes new elastic, new tab closures, and new laundry tabs. 
Waist Fit: From my experience, very good. It fit my daughter since she was a newborn.
Leg Fit: Also good, though it can be a bit large on a newborn.  When my daughter was smaller her poops would leak out the legs when she was on her side.  She always had skinny legs.  Now that she's bigger, we haven't had leaks in a while.
Laundry:  The laundry tabs wear out easily and when they do, the applix sometimes catch on other fabric.
Materials: PUL, microfiber, and I'm not sure what the inner is made of.  It feels like microsuede with very, low pile
Leaks: We had leakage around the legs quite frequently when she was smaller, but now that she's bigger she hasn't had leaks in a good, solid month.
Ease: Extremely easy!

One Size: three sizes with rise snaps
Stains: Does not stain.  Occasionally there is a poop stain left over after a wash but it's always gone by the next wash
Over all rating: Great! I'll give it 8/10, it is not the perfect cloth diaper I seek because I'm not a huge fan of how the aplix are wearing out and how they catch on my other diapers in the wash, but it's still a wonderful diaper!

My daughter in bumGenius at 2 weeks old

6 weeks old

8 weeks old

17 weeks old

BumGenius is a good, staple diaper and I feel that every cloth diapering momma should have at least a few in her stash!

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