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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lose Weight While Watching TV

I found this article today and thought it might be helpful for me--though as a mom, I could more aptly title it: Lose Weight While Busy Being Mom and Housekeeper.  Hopefully, you'll find the exercises they mention helpful as well :-D

Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Braids

I know this is sort of impertinent to the things I typically write about but I just had to share this:

Bunny's first braids! I feel like we just barely got her hair into ponytails and now it's suddenly long enough for braids! This is big news for me, since I'm all about doing baby girls' hair and Bunny took a LONG time to grow hair long enough to play with!  Bunny has mixed feelings about getting her hair done.  On the one hand, she's fascinated by bows, elastics, and hair ties, and on the other hand she doesn't like to sit still long enough for me to do her hair right.  In any case, it doesn't stop her from coming up to me with bows and elastics and asking persistently, "On? Pease?" 

I'm thrilled.  She's just so cute anyway, and pigtails simply augment that cuteness factor :-D

Monday, February 21, 2011

Time for a Watermark

Crazy 4 Fluff is absolutely a sweetheart and not only apologized profusely for using my picture, but removed it immediately.  I'm not the type of person to throw stones or hold a grudge so now I feel terribly that I brought this to her attention and put her through the trouble of changing it! This  post is more a lesson for me than for her.  Anyway, if you're into giveaways, she has tons, so I'd go on over there and check her out!

Yesterday I was perusing blogs and found this button:
crazy 4 fluff

I had to do a double take because I couldn't believe it, but that is my picture in this button--the button of a stranger:
 And I'm not mad or angry at this person because she probably did what I do all the time--an image search.  When I do an image search (which I generally do to find the perfect image to teach my students a vocabulary word), I never think twice about where I got the image from or the fact that it's sort of stealing to use their picture.   So, I don't blame her for using something she found online because I'm also guilty of the same. I'm unnerved because she's a stranger, but quite flattered that she liked my picture.

I guess I just didn't realize how absolutely PUBLIC things are! I guess I thought that pictures I posted would be found if you found my blog posts, not on random searches.  I should have known better.  I think I was subconsciously naive about it all on purpose.  Does that sound weird?

There is a point to this post, and it's not to call anyone out.  The point is, I've known for a long time that I should watermark or tag my pictures.  This was the final straw that has brought this point across.  This fellow blogger used my photo for something innocent and fun.  But who's to say someone won't take my images for something sinester?

So, from now on, I shall watermark my pictures.  Pictures you see here and in my posts on The Cloth Diaper Blog will have either my name or my website because if someone's going to take my pictures, then at least people will know where the image came from.

So, my husband figured it out for me last night and here are a couple of pictures I've watermarked:

  What do you think?  I think it's a start, at least.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wool longies with Four Wheeler applique

These are a custom order I've been working hard on for the past two weeks. Considering I didn't know what a four wheeler looked like before starting this project, I'm sort of proud.

Friday, February 11, 2011

$5 off $5 purchase

I've discovered that it's really good to be on mailing lists for places such as Joann's Fabrics or Victoria's Secret because sometimes they unintentionally send you free stuff!

Both the last circular they sent me and this new one have $5 off a purchase of $5 or more coupons in them! The one coupon expires this Saturday and the other is valid for a week starting this Sunday. 

I'll use mine for a purchase of no more than $5 of flannel or some other absorbent fabric to go into my NB diaperkits that are coming. 

How do you sign up?  You can do so in the store.  Just tell them you want their coupons and they'll give you a form.  They'll start coming before you know it and you can save on so many things!

And are you a teacher?  Well, that entitles you to %15 off your entire purchase every time you shop there.  Yeah.  Teaching has some great perks even if it does mean I'm not the stay-at-home-mom I long to be :-D.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diaperkits for $2

I don't know if you remember or even if you've been reading my blog that long, but www.diaperkits.com was the first place I did a review and giveaway for and the concept of having precut pieces ready to be sewn for making a diaper was just so intriguingly wonderful to me that I bought a good many different kits after doing the review.

Honestly, if I'd have started with them and known about them before I worked so hard to spend big bucks on all my wonderful pocket diapers, I may not have gone that far.

Alas, all good things come to an end, and they are getting rid of their diaperkit inventory and sticking to patterns only (and they sell amazing knitting patterns as well!)

They don't even have many full kits left but they do have PUL and notions kits that are precut and ready for you to add your own absorbent layers.  THey're selling for $1.60.  I bought 9 NB AIO kits for a baby that isn't even conceived yet, and I'll use some old towels, T shirts, or flannel from the remnants bin at Joann's to add the absorbency.  Those 9 AIO kits plus 2 NB cover kits ran me $24 including shipping! That's enough newborn diapers to go a full day cloth diapering a baby who goes through 8-12 diapers in a day...unless God decides to give us a boy and then I'll have 7.

Let me reiterate that I'm NOT PREGNANT... just being ultra prepared because one day we'll try again and this deal was just too awesome to pass up! Worse comes to worse, I can always make them and sell them on ebay or somewhere to recoup the minimal cost.

So anyway, go on over to Diaperkit.com and show them some love by helping them rid themselves of some inventory.  You don't sew?  Well, certainly you have a sister, aunt, or grandmother who does so go on and buy some anyway.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fitted Diaper for $5 or free.

Bum Covered Diapers has a great new deal going on fitted diapers.  They're offering a starting prices of $5 for one of their "build-your-own" fitted diapers.  They don't have too much selection on different materials, but enough to make it worthwhile considering the price, and they do have a good amount of different prints available.   I have a feeling that the price will eventually go up, though, since they mentioned that they're still in the process of perfecting their patterns which is the reason for the low, low price.  

I managed to buy one of their diapers today for only the cost of shipping and would have posted how to do so here, but it expired at noon today and I couldn't get to a computer by then. :-( I'm so sorry!

However, you still may be able to try one of these diapers for free.  Check out the details here

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Elmo/Cookie Monster Reversible Hat

My dear friend Jess's daughter just had her SECOND BIRTHDAY!!! YAY!! And since her daughter loves Elmo (and Cookie) and my daughter loves Cookie (and Elmo), I decided to make them matching reversible hats.  Somehow, knowing they have the same hat seems to somehow span the miles and miles between them.

Here's the pattern I used, and then I just cut out my own appliques. 

 Jess's daughter reading her letter "from Bunny."

 I love how this is a picture of both girls.



 All those pictures come to me courtesy of Jess, and I can take no credit for taking them (or for the little girl in them)

Here's some of my pictures:

 Testing the hat out to make sure the size is right.

 The completed hats!

 Woah! Two elmos!

 Isn't she just a little doll? My daughter is just so strikingly beautiful! But honestly, even if she weren't beautiful, she'd still be strikingly beautiful to me. 


You can even tie the braids if you want to keep the hat on! However, Bunny LOVES this hat and sometimes wears it just because, so keeping it on is no problem.  This is a milestone for us because it's the FIRST hat she keeps on voluntarily!

I know I'm obsessive, but I think I'm going to make an Ernie/Bert reversible hat when I get a break in my crafting/Etsy schedule! :-D

Monday, February 7, 2011

New in the Shop

Just listed two more diapers.  I'm getting them in there slowly but surely!

 This Sunflower diaper wasn't supposed to have a royal blue inner layer--that was supposed to be hidden.  Oops! But I kinda liked the way it looked and I was too tired to rip out the stitches and start over, so here it is--accidentally. 

I particularly like this teal diaper with the orange snaps.  Such a great colorful feast for the eyes.

I'm wide awake at 5:30, which wouldn't be unusual except for the fact that I woke up at 3:30 to my daughter's vicious screams and couldn't go back to sleep, and the sour deal was sweetened by the discovery that while I slept I earned money from not one but TWO sales! I've never had two sales happen in one night.  I'm super excited because I'm saving up for a sewing machine! Actually, I've already earned enough for the machine (thanks to Etsy and my posts at Diaper Junction's the Cloth Diaper Blog) but these sales give me back some money in my account.  Yay!)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Handmade Presents: Earrings and Christmas Card Gift boxes

A very easy present to make if you have the right tools, is jewelry.  With a couple of needle nosed pliers and cutters especially sized for jewelry plus some beads, hooks, and wires, you can easily make a very nice looking pair of earrings!  I dabble in amateur jewelry along with sewing, knitting, and other crafting, so I have a lot of jewelry making supplies.  Since jewelry is easy to make, I decided I'd make some for aunts, cousins, and my step-mother-in-law

And because I didn't want to spend money on boxes, I made my own boxes out of old Christmas cards (which you can make yourself if you follow this link).

 Mostly, I just made the earrings based on the colors I had and then decided which relative would like that set, but for my sister-in-law...
...I made special Steelers colored earrings because she's obsessed.  It was hard for me to do since I'm an Eagles fan, but love breaks through football boundaries.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New in the Shop

I am in the middle of finishing the diapers I posted the other day.  Three of them are done and in the shop--two mediums and a small.  They are more absorbent than my other diapers because they have 9 layers instead of 8, including some blue jeans. 
Here they are:

And this one is just so sweet it will be really hard for me not to keep it for myself if someone doesn't snatch it up soon!: