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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Free Rumparooz

What I won't do for a free diaper! My goodness!
So some of my order from Franklin Goose came in the mail yesterday and in the box was the amethyst Rumparooz I ordered so I quickly snapped some pictures, and made a video to upload to Youtube.  Why?  because you can get a free Rumparooz diaper if you do so before April.  Just check out their blog for the details because you have two more days!  I was crossing my fingers that my Franklin Goose or my Diaper Junction order would come through before the end of March so I could get another free diaper. And let me tell you--I don't NEED another one.  Around Christmas we had 23 diapers.  We wanted 36.  After Christmas, I started buying materials to make my own.  I made about 10 that I kept--a lot more that I gave away, and got a couple more diapers here and there.  I lost count of how many I had.  Well, being the diaper dork that I am, I took inventory the other day.  I have 30 pocket diapers.  30.  But that doesn't seem that bad until you realize that I have 62 diapers total including covers, fitteds, prefolds, and AIOs.  Craziness! And that's not counting the four other diapers on the day from Diaper Junction, or the two wool covers I'm currently knitting!

So I really don't NEED another free diaper, but why not when it's FREE?  So here's my Youtube video of Bunny in her diaper.  If you don't sit through and watch the whole thing I won't be upset ;-P.  Besides, I won't know!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thank You, Franklin Goose!

Franklin Goose has done an extremely generous and risky move.  They've offered $5 store credit for each item you review until the end of March.  It has been met with OVERWHELMING response--so much so that they are backlogged  2-3 weeks with shipping, according to the estimation on the site.  I'm sure that they're taking a huge paycut--and will for awhile--due to the fact that they're sending a lot of product out and not necessarily getting much cash for it right now.  I, for one, did not spend a cent, even on shipping, on the order I so hastily made with my $FG.  With their extreme generosity in mind, and remembering how we have benefited from their kindness, let's do a couple of things for them:

1) Make a pledge to yourself that you will try to support their business in the future and buy from them when you have to actually shell out some $ of your own.

2) Bank some of that store credit.  Doing so will give you an extra 10% of what you "made" making reviews.  I wish I'd thought to do that.  I jumped the gun and ordered stuff from them right away.  But the rest of what I have I'm going to at least save for later use--even if I don't have the patience to bank it for 6 months to a year.

3) Be honest.  Don't review products you haven't used.  That's just rude, and doing so is taking advantage of their kindness.  Don't let greed get the best of you.  Put yourself in their shoes and do to them what you would have others do to you.

4) Be kind.  Don't bite the hand that feeds you, and leave nasty comments or rude emails because they're taking a long time giving you THEIR stuff for FREE

5) Spread the word! Add a button to their blog.  Write a post.  Try to repay their kindness by letting people know what a great store they are and what awesome products they have!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Free Stuff

I cashed in my Stash Cash at Diaper Junction.  1,000 points from 10 guest blogger posts = $75 and FOUR DIAPERS!!!

Stash Cash doesn't cover shipping...

...but I held out to cash it in til I had $75 so it qualified for free shipping! I paid a little more than $75, though so all in all I paid $3 and some change (+ the blood, sweat, and tears poured into those blog posts).

I ordered

1 platinum Rumparooz OS diaper with snaps
1 root beer Rumparooz OS diaper with snaps
1 periwinkle Fuzzi Bunz OS diaper (they only come in snaps)
1 rose Thirsties Duo wrap size one with snaps

I didn't need any of them because I can't even remember how many diapers I have anymore-well, I possibly needed the Thirsties because I only have a couple of diaper covers...

...but since I'm learning how to make my own wool diaper covers I really didn't need it.

What I DID need was a couple of swim diapers.  And some mama pads. (which I could also make, but it's so much easier to buy them!)

But I really REALLY love Fuzzi Bunz OS diapers so I just had to have another.

And I've heard so many good things about Rumparooz that I had to have some of them too.

So that's what I got.

I'm going to have to put in a couple of more guest blogs to get those other things.

Oh, and thanks to Franklin Goose's AWESOME offer of $5 store credit for every one of their items you review,   I ordered 1 more Rumparooz OS diaper (amethyst) with the review money, as well as a safety strip to run around the sharp corners of my hearth, and some cute, wooden blocks that Bunny will eventually grow into.

If you haven't gone to Franklin Goose's website, set up an account, and reviewed the items you've used, then do it because you have til March 31st.  I was amazed at how many of their things I've used.  16 total which added up to $80 store credit!!!

I just love free stuff!  I mean, nothing is ever REALLY free--even winning a giveaway (which I never seem to do) because you work for it in other ways, but we use the currency we have!

Knitting lessons

My friend knitting friend is teaching me how to knit the wool soaker she made for me! I'm so excited! It's not that difficult so far.  I just had to master the art of circular needles--using four at the same time! But I'm chugging along nicely and it's pretty easy once you get the hang of all those needles sticking out at you.   This Saturday I should have the soaker as long as it needs to be to separate it into legs and do a whole bunch of fancy things I know NOTHING about! I'm going to her house and she's going to give me more lessons at this point.  Yay!

As it is with everything creative I have tried and succeeded at, it's just a shame I didn't try to be more daring with knitting before this.  I learned from my grandmother when I was a pre-teenager, and then I eventually forgot.  Then, when I lived in Spain, the lady I lived with tried to teach me how to knit a sweater, but I was very VERY slow and she ended up just knitting it for me.  It's amazing, btw, and I still have it even though my very large boobs no longer fit it.  I'll never give it away!

In college, me and my roomate got on a knitting kick and knit these squares that we were going to turn into a quilt.  We both stopped at about 2 squares.

Since then, I've knit scarves here and there, a dishcloth or two, and I started a GIANT afgan that--if it ever gets completed--I'll probably have to felt so that it's not too large.

I've been asking my knitting friend to show me how to make baby booties for awhile and she's like, "Yeah! Any time!" but I never did anything about it because I just got too busy.

But a cloth diaper cover--now I'm VERY motivated to learn that! When I'm done, I'll be able to make some baby legs too!

And then, hopefully I'll have the ganas* to learn baby booties as well.

One day...I'll perfect crocheting as well.  For now, though, I don't want to bite of more than I can chew

* Ganas is a Spanish word I use that doesn't really have a good English equivalent but sometimes expresses what I want to say better than any English word I know.  It can be loosely translated to mean "desires" but really, there is no good translation for it. "No tengo ganas" means, basically, "I don't fell like it." 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My newest upcycled diaper creation

So, as many of you know, I've been working on making lots of fitted diapers from old, un-wanted T-shirts.  I've been begging bags of clothing destined for the Goodwill, and due to my lack of a craft room, my kitchen is now stacked with many boxes of these old clothes.

I've discovered that it's not just old T-shirts that will do the trick.  There are many fabrics that beg me to turn them into cute, and absorbent diapers.

Old towels
And my favorite... velour!!!

My father-in-law let me peruse his storage shed and take tons of clothing away, and among the boxes of clothing pilfered were a couple of velour pants and even sweat shirts!  If you have a big enough section of this fabric, it makes a great inner lining for your diaper body.  But even if you don't have enough of this wonderful fabric it to be softly brushing your baby's skin, you can still use it in the soaker pad--which won't be seen, but will absorb fabulously with a bit of velour!

As many of you DON'T know, my goal has been to start my own Etsy shop.  I've been wanting to do this for months now, but I can't seem to amass a big enough collection of diapers because I keep giving them away--which I don't regret.  Giving seems to be one of my love languages.

Another reason I haven't started an Etsy shop yet  is that I'm still working on perfecting different sizes of the patterns I created.  I have a great size small that works wonderfully, but since Bunny still fits into that size it's hard to know how to make a Medium yet.  But I think I've achieved it.  I had to make a couple of diapers to get the cut just right, and the following diaper was my last attempt--and it proved successful.

I also have a large pattern drafted, but I'm going to have to get a baby to try it to see if it will work.  I'm going to ask my friend's sister who's equally as involved in cloth diapering as I am, and has a daughter just about big enough to try a Large.  Yay!

But I digress.

Here's my first, successful MEDIUM T-shirt fitted made not only of T-shirts, but a velour sweatshirt!  It's my favorite diaper yet!!!

It's SO soft on the inside.  It also takes three times in the dryer to dry! Yikes!
And the outside fabric is from a girl friend's old Tshirt.  Very cute.  A shame it's not waterproof and needs to be covered up!

I used the pretty, embellished pockets from the Velour sweatshirt to make my laundry flaps.
It is my favorite diaper so far!

We take pictures of Bunny every single week and I post her weekly updates on my private blog.  I always take a picture of her in a cloth diaper for these as well, so that's what the 27 weeks in the background is for.

Since she sits up all on her own now (it's been a month now, she's quite advanced!) we took a picture of her doing so for her update--and the diaper looks great!

My beautiful little princess! She's just so gorgeous!

And if you want to make one of these diapers for yourself, check out my T-shirt Fitted with Laundry Flaps Tutorial.  It's not that difficult and I don't mind giving away my secrets!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!!!

Don't forget to enter to win a RED One Size Fuzzi Bunz pocket diaper from The Diaper Wagon! It's one of the best quality cloth diapers on the market today so you really don't want to miss this one.

Check it out HERE for the details

Back to the Basics

How to fold a prefold:

You may not need this, but for those of you, who like I once was, are petrified of prefolds, they're really quite simple with a Snappi.  And so much cheaper than any other type of cloth diaper.  Go ahead, give it a try!

And, I've heard that with the right diaper cover a Snappi isn't needed at all! But that doesn't work too well for me so I'll stick with my Snappi!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Starting Young

I love this picture because I still have her "minutes old" photo on my phone.

 She was obviously more interested in the feel of the hard plastic against her gums than her newborn picture.

What are these buttons for mommy? 

Forget the buttons.  Let's just focus on chewing.

...but the buttons are pretty amazing...

 Nope, nope, the chewing is MUCH better than the buttons!

Chewing and drooling and chewing...yum!

For now it's just another toy, but I dread the day when she discovers its real purpose!