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Friday, February 12, 2010

Make your own cloth maxi pad--the AIO version

To make this maxi pad, I actually used the scrap pieces that Amber sent me with my Diaperkit.  I didn't need them to practice with, so I figured I'd might as well put them to better use!  I trimmed them up a bit first, though, so they had a nice shape.  If you don't feel comfortable cutting out a pattern yourself, you can simply trace a pad or a pantiliner.  Also, be sure to prewash all your fabrics before hand.  Amber prewashes hers before they get to you, but I added another layer of flannel to this maxi and I prewashed that myself.  I also used my own scraps of PUL to make the wings since her kit comes with three layers of flannel and a layer of PUL for practice and I obviously needed wings for my pad with no way to adhere it to the panty otherwise.  

This is my wing pattern, cut out of wrapping paper.

You need to cut four of the wings out of PUL.  I guess you could use another type of cloth but I was afraid that if I did then the liquid would absorb into the wings and mess up my clothing, so I used waterproof PUL to be safe.  

Sew them together right sides in and shiny sides out.  It's best to put a layer of paper (I usually cut another wing out of wrapping paper) over the top piece of PUL when machine sewing it because it will stick as you sew otherwise.  I was lazy and did not which is why there's a wrinkle in my seam but I'm not a perfectionist about the details so I let it go.  

Trim the top edges so it will turn out nice and crisp. 

All turned out and ready to put into my pad.

Pin both wings against the right side of the PUL layer like so.  I cut out another piece of flannel for the top of my pad--from more of my selvage.  I figured I'd make the pad pretty and use a printed flannel for the top and use the white pieces for the inner layer.  Once you pin the wings to the PUL, you will sandwich them between the right side of the PUL and the right side of your top layer (which was the printed flannel for  me--if you want a fabric that will pull the moisture away from your skin like in cloth diapers, use microsuede or microflece)

Now, sew your layers together, right sides in with the wings sandwiched in between. Don't sew all the way around or you won't have a way to turn it right side out.  Also, if you leave your ends curved like mine, it will be difficult to sew that back together from the right side, so I'd leave part of the side of your pad open.

It's all sewn together minus this side.  Notice that my wing is still pinned in place.  

I sewed just the wing in place without closing the hole.

Next, it was time to work with the inner layers--three pieces of flannel in my case.  It's up to you what you use. 

I top stitched them so they'd stay together. 

With pat right side out...

I stuffed the top-stitched inner inside.  (It hasn't been top-stitched yet in this picture--my bad!)

Now, with the inner inside, it's time to close her up with a top stitch.  Fold the edges of your opened pad in, and pin them into place.  

Now, you're going to top stitch around the edge of the ENTIRE pad, starting with the opened edge.  It will look really finished and crisp this way--especially since it's not a good idea to iron PUL fabric.

The pad from the underside...

...and the view from the top.

Now, sew on your velcro to the wings. On one pad, sew the hooks to the outside, and on the other, you will sew the loops to the inside (or vice versa). If you prefer snaps, then use them. I'm staying away from snaps in my diapers and pads (though I prefer them to velcro) until I have the money to buy my own snap press :-D.

My stitch was a little messy because my sewing machine was being a bad girl!


And for easy storage in your purse, you can fold it like so:

And there you have it, ladies (and gentlemen???).  Your very own mama cloth.  

Go ahead and try one.  You can do it!!!

What's the worst that can happen if you try???

Happy sewing!


Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2 ... Now 3) said...

Seriously girl, I need to do what you do. I need a sewing machine and need to know how to use it.


amanda said...

i agree with shannon!! great job!

saskia said...

go for it, that is what i did, they're fun to make

BabeeLove said...

very cool! great job :)