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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Fluffy Gift

I love giving gifts to people! Really, it's one of the things that gives me the most joy out of life. Not that I am able to do it often, or even thoughtful enough to do it often, but when I can, it's delightful.

THere's a girl at my church who recently had a baby. We were in the nursery together about two weeks ago and I was changing my Bunny.

"Where'd you get those diapers?" she asked me as I pulled out the insert from a dirty bumGenius and stuffed the diaper and insert into my little wetbag. "I ain't never seen any diapers like that before!"

"Online," I said. "But if you're interested, I"ll make you some.

She certainly was so I got to work over the course of the next week and made these diapers for her:

A-D--some upcycled T-shirt fitteds--small (My own pattern that I've been perfecting lately based on measurements of my daughter)
E--a pocket diaper, from the same pattern as the fitteds--made of navy PUL, white microsuede, and a microfiber/hemp fleece insert wrapped in flannel
F-G--Size 2 diaper covers from diaperkit.com (only about $5.50 a piece!)
H--a Deluxe Flannel AIO diaper from Diaperkit.com, size 2

I think it's a good start for someone who has no cloth and no experience with cloth.  I also gave her a list of my favorite places to buy cloth diapers, washing instructions, and the name of a store a few towns down that sells a few brands of cloth.  I hope it works for her.  I think my hope is kind of selfish because I spent so much time and effort on these little babies that I'd be heartbroken if I ever heard that they didn't work and weren't being used.  But she seemed pretty excited about them so I hope she'll use them!


saskia said...

they look great- how nice! I can't stand bumgenius diapers. That was my first big purchase- now I just prefer wool and natural stuff- You gotta love sharing the cloth!

Maria said...

Awesome... what a terrific gesture!

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2 ... Now 3) said...

Wow what a sweet girl you are. I remember the first time I seen some I wish someone had said that to me. LOL. Just kidding. But that was an awesome gesture. What a sweet person you are.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Wow, amazing! You're so kind!

Anonymous said...

Would you consider doing a tutorial on how you make these diapers? I am gathering all the information I can and I am going to start making them soon. It is very overwhelming to sit down and just do this. Any advice would be great!

Anonymous said...

Any of them but Id like to know how you did the ones in the pic that you gave away...the flannel AIO and the pocket diaper. I am willing to learn any diaper if it works. I also wonder if you are willing to walk this step by step, presenting it as to moms who have never made diapers. I used to sew when I was younger but have never did diapers. Also can you list where you measure before you make the diaper. Pics would be great but video would be even better. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

And if you were going to the store to get material to make a couple starter diapers, what would you get? I have nothing. I bought a sewing machine on clearance. It does everything but pack itself back in the box but I have nothing else...