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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just in Time!

My fellow cloth-diapering friend came to my house for Bible study with the following gifts in hand for me:

I'm SO excited! No sooner had I finished sewing my first successful fitted diaper--and with my own pattern no less--than I get a diaper cover for it! She had no idea I needed one.
Also, she just started raving about the bumGenius Bamboo Fitteds that are pretty much impossible to find now because they've been discontinued, and I'd tried to look for one for my daughter but her size was out at pretty much every retailer, so I'd given up hope of ever trying one, and she got me one in her shipment (She claims that they were probably the last 6 out there--ha ha!)

In any case, I've never tried the bumGenius bamboo fitted (or any fitted for that matter) nor have I ever tried a Thirsties, so I'm excited to try two new things! Fitteds/prefolds just aren't my diapering style up until now so I'm not only eager to try a new brand but I'm eager to try a new diapering style!

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