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Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Title: Makin It

This blog is new and thus is in transition.  I started the blog so that people who read my other blog wouldn't be inundated by my sudden and intense interest in cloth diapering.  I also wanted a place to post giveaways.  But it's transitioned since then.  It's actually become a blog I keep up, enjoy, and feel proud of, and I've since made my other blog a private place for personal discussion and reflection between me and my close friends.   I'm still on the quest for the perfect cloth diaper and this blog will still focus on that,  but it's now more than that.  I'm on a quest to make that perfect diaper.  I'm on the quest to make lots of other things out of cloth as well.  And I want others to feel empowered to make those things too.  I'm hoping that this blog won't only be a catalogue of all my sewing successes and failures, but a place where other moms who want to make sewing a way to save money in their lives can learn how to sew certain things themselves.

Why do I make things?  Well, besides the fact that I just LOVE crafting--especially sewing--it's almost always cheaper to make things than to buy them.  Hence the title "Makin' It" which is not only about the physical act of making things, but about making it financially as well since we all know that having children can be a financial strain and we strive to find ways to save money as best we can.

I hope you enjoy my new title as my new thesis statement of sorts for this blog.  I think it more aptly describes me and my intentions here.

Soon, my button will change as well.   My hubby has since figured out how to add buttons so I"ll simply change the title of it and we'll go from there

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Woot! Now THIS is something I can get into!

I think you should post little videos like what you made for me for the bag - little "how to" videos. Just a thought. And if you made the videos and put them on YouTube, you could post them easier.....AND maybe get a little following there and a name for yourself, too!

Good luck on this new venture! How cool!