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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My first cloth maxi pad

I've wanted to  get some cloth mama pads for awhile now but when it comes time to order diapers, it's just never in the budget.  So, when I made my first diapers out of PUL, microsuede, hemp fleece, and microfiber, I used the fabric scraps to make my own!

Here's the finished product:
I put a length of hooks on the bottom hoping it would catch on the inside of my panties and not slip around and it didn't occur to me until after that there is no way to protect the rest of my laundy in the wash from getting hooked by it.  It's a problem I'll have to work out for this pad, but that I won't repeat on my next one!

With the wings opened.  I wore it but I didn't really need to. My period is pretty sporadic since I'm breastfeeding.  I was hoping it wouldn't come back until I weaned my daughter (which I don't plan on doing until at LEAST a year) but no, it is not so.  ¡Ay de mí!


Jessica said...

That never, ever occurred to me. I might even be able and willing to do that.


amanda said...

have you tried the diva cup at all? i used it for one time before getting pregnant again. minus the bit of gross factor, it really is nice!! and heck saves money! :0) but i'm not super handy like you are either!