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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Instructions for Sitters

My family is visiting this week and with so many extra hands, having my mom and sister change Baby's diaper was a natural step.  I brought them into her bedroom and gave them a quick tutorial on the ways of changing diapers.  I was pretty sure I'd covered everything.  Then, later, I went to change Baby's diaper and noticed white residue on her bum.  "Oh no!" I thought out loud, "I forgot to mention not to put rash cream on her!"  I could have kicked myself because who knows what this will do to my wonderful diapers.  I called my well-meaning mom and let her know not to use the rash cream on the Baby and inquired about which cream she'd used.  "Well, I'd wanted to use vaseline, but I couldn't find any (phew!) so I just used the creamy Desitin."  I was somewhat relieved because the creamy stuff wipes off pretty easily, and I just made a mental note that I need to put the diapers through a special rinse tonight to make sure I strip any residue.  But the whole situation made me think about making a list for my sitters so that the next time I have someone over, I won't forget anything important.  I mean, it's not like cloth diapering these days is that horribly difficult, but it's quite different.

So, with that in mind, here's my "Babysitter's Cloth Diapering List"

1) Note to self: Put velcro diapers and diapers with easy snaps on the top of my pile.  Knickernappies and Fuzzi Bunz should be on the bottom as they can look quite complicated to someone who's not used to cloth diapering.
2) Note to sitter: Remove insert after changing baby.  If this really grosses you out, It won't bother me if you leave it in.  I'll deal with it later.
3) Please close velcro onto laundry tabs before "disposing" of diaper into wetbag.
4) No, I don't have a diaper pail.  Diapers go in the hanging wet bag and not into the garbage.
5) Cloth wipes are easy.  Just spray, wipe, and put them into the wet bag.
6) If you MUST use rash cream, please put a disposable on the baby.
7) I prefer that you don't use disposables, but if you MUST, they are in the very back of the changing station.  Finding them will probably be more difficult than just putting the cloth on the baby but you're welcome to use them if you prefer to go to all that trouble.

Did I forget anything?  I hope not.  I don't want to run the risk again of ruining any diapers.

1 comment:

amanda said...

i love this list! we don't have a regular sitter since i'm at home, but i know that i usually have got a lesson to anyone who watches them. :0) i really am enjoying homeschooling so far. and i know that it is not for everyone...and am SO glad god called me to do it. :0) i was in college for education and i am so excited that i get to be the teacher i wanted to be. :0)