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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Diapercuts.com (Not to be confused with Diaperkits.com)

I made my first order of diaper fabric about two weeks ago and it came in the mail this past week.  I ordered:
1 yard of hemp fleece
1 yard of white microsuede
1 yard of white 2 mil PUL

Before making this order, I spent about 2 weeks researching what I wanted to buy.  I looked at all the different fabric stores that I know of (Found in a list in my sidebar) and I researched each type of fabric and what it looked like and what it does.  But here's the thing--it's hard to know what you really want until you see it, touch it, feel it, and maybe even run it through your wash or drop it in a cup of water to see how absorbent it is.

So I ordered one more thing from diapercuts: a sample packet of all her different fabrics for only $1.00

They came in about 2 inch squares and were each carefully labeled--with the exception of the microfiber which she wrote a note about in my invoice.  It was WONDERFUL! I now have something to touch and feel when thinking about making my next fabric selection.

But these little sample squares aren't only good for those of us who like to sew our diapers, I think they're good even if you just buy them.  Why?  Because you'll know exactly what you're getting when a diaper is advertised as "Minkee" or when they claim to use sherpa for the insert.

Go check it out for yourself--http://diapercuts.com/

You can't go wrong for $1

And if you're into sewing, I did the research and for my order, including shipping, hers was the best price. It might be different for different orders, but I highly doubt it.  Besides, she's a WAHM (Work At Home Mom) so you it's a win, win situation

1 comment:

Beth said...

Thanks so much for reviewing my site! (I didnt even know she was till she emailed and told me)

Im so glad you are enjoying your fabrics, your diapers look very cute, but not as cute as your daughter!

Keep up the good work mama!