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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thank You, Franklin Goose!

Franklin Goose has done an extremely generous and risky move.  They've offered $5 store credit for each item you review until the end of March.  It has been met with OVERWHELMING response--so much so that they are backlogged  2-3 weeks with shipping, according to the estimation on the site.  I'm sure that they're taking a huge paycut--and will for awhile--due to the fact that they're sending a lot of product out and not necessarily getting much cash for it right now.  I, for one, did not spend a cent, even on shipping, on the order I so hastily made with my $FG.  With their extreme generosity in mind, and remembering how we have benefited from their kindness, let's do a couple of things for them:

1) Make a pledge to yourself that you will try to support their business in the future and buy from them when you have to actually shell out some $ of your own.

2) Bank some of that store credit.  Doing so will give you an extra 10% of what you "made" making reviews.  I wish I'd thought to do that.  I jumped the gun and ordered stuff from them right away.  But the rest of what I have I'm going to at least save for later use--even if I don't have the patience to bank it for 6 months to a year.

3) Be honest.  Don't review products you haven't used.  That's just rude, and doing so is taking advantage of their kindness.  Don't let greed get the best of you.  Put yourself in their shoes and do to them what you would have others do to you.

4) Be kind.  Don't bite the hand that feeds you, and leave nasty comments or rude emails because they're taking a long time giving you THEIR stuff for FREE

5) Spread the word! Add a button to their blog.  Write a post.  Try to repay their kindness by letting people know what a great store they are and what awesome products they have!


Jill said...

I'm still waiting on some credit so I can place my order (and get it shipped for free) and my hubs did some reviews too (I was shocked!). We will try some new diapers and maybe get a sprayer, I don't know. We only did reviews on products we had used ourselves (although we did see people saying 'we can't wait to TRY this' and thought that was a little wrong.) I plan on doing a review of the products I get from there on my blog.

saskia said...

wow, I wonder how many people never tried a product, I haven't even checked out that website.
I think we'll have one more baby and I know I have a girl. After that, I think we'll be done, but it's between the Lord and us, so we'll see, I hope I'm done, I'm tired. I love having a lot of children though, my mama had 10.

Stef said...

How do you see what your credit is? I did the reviews but can't find anywhere that says I'm going to benefit...hmmm...

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2 ... Now 3) said...

Hi Stef, go to my account and once you click there, you will see on the right side on the bottom Store Credit and it will show there!

I am so glad that I could share this information with so many people.

saskia said...

So, do you have to buy something to review. I did some reviews for things I have used. I don't see a store credit. I do see some big things I'd love to get, so this would be nice.