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Sunday, March 14, 2010

$10 off some diapers

The very first store I ever bought my cloth diapers from was Diapers.com.  In fact, I bought just about all of my BumGenius One Size diapers from this store.  I have to say that my experience with Diapers.com was highly positive.  Mostly, the $10 off coupon that they offer for your first time order of diapers was my favorite (from an order of $49 or more).  I was sorely tempted to pretend to be another  first time customer with my husband's email account and the address of the church where he works,  but I wasn't convinced it would be an entirely kosher move so I didn't do it. 

They have a program at Diapers.com.  If I refer someone to buy their diapers there, they get $10 off their first order of diapers at $49 or more, and I get referral bucks.  It's a win-win situation.

So if you're interested, use this referral code:

If you're ordering cloth diapers then the website may not recognize them as being "diapers."  There is a quick fix to this.  Call the customer service order and they will fix it. 

The absolute BEST thing about diapers.com is their speedy delivery.  I usually made orders of Fridays and my diapers arrived on Saturdays.  No, seriously.  So give it a try.  Here's my code again in case you missed it:

Good luck!  


Ida Mae said...

i just might have to do this, and I'll get you the bucks :)

~Ida Mae

alinatmom said...

I just got the flip system with my referral money, I really like it so far much more so than g diapers or gro babys because the inserts have same protective lining that are in the BG 3.0 so they don't feel wet on the skin, the best part was they had a coupon in mothering magazine that if you spend 10$ on BG or flip you get a free BG AIO diapers.com let me get the 3.0 for free as other sites like Kellys closet won't let u get the 3.0 I didn't need any of this but it was free so I justified it. You can get a button now for diapers.com with your referral code in it.

simplymerry said...

I looked at the site just now, and looks like they reduced the coupon for new customers from $10 down to five. And the prices are the same as or more than other online shops. So I'm not saving much... Ah, well, since I always buy on sale, I'll have to pass this one by. If you have referral codes for other stores, though, please post them. I might use them at some point. :)

simplymerry said...

oh, just re-read this. oops. new customers get $10 off instead of $5 if they use your referral code. gotcha.