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Friday, March 26, 2010

Knitting lessons

My friend knitting friend is teaching me how to knit the wool soaker she made for me! I'm so excited! It's not that difficult so far.  I just had to master the art of circular needles--using four at the same time! But I'm chugging along nicely and it's pretty easy once you get the hang of all those needles sticking out at you.   This Saturday I should have the soaker as long as it needs to be to separate it into legs and do a whole bunch of fancy things I know NOTHING about! I'm going to her house and she's going to give me more lessons at this point.  Yay!

As it is with everything creative I have tried and succeeded at, it's just a shame I didn't try to be more daring with knitting before this.  I learned from my grandmother when I was a pre-teenager, and then I eventually forgot.  Then, when I lived in Spain, the lady I lived with tried to teach me how to knit a sweater, but I was very VERY slow and she ended up just knitting it for me.  It's amazing, btw, and I still have it even though my very large boobs no longer fit it.  I'll never give it away!

In college, me and my roomate got on a knitting kick and knit these squares that we were going to turn into a quilt.  We both stopped at about 2 squares.

Since then, I've knit scarves here and there, a dishcloth or two, and I started a GIANT afgan that--if it ever gets completed--I'll probably have to felt so that it's not too large.

I've been asking my knitting friend to show me how to make baby booties for awhile and she's like, "Yeah! Any time!" but I never did anything about it because I just got too busy.

But a cloth diaper cover--now I'm VERY motivated to learn that! When I'm done, I'll be able to make some baby legs too!

And then, hopefully I'll have the ganas* to learn baby booties as well.

One day...I'll perfect crocheting as well.  For now, though, I don't want to bite of more than I can chew

* Ganas is a Spanish word I use that doesn't really have a good English equivalent but sometimes expresses what I want to say better than any English word I know.  It can be loosely translated to mean "desires" but really, there is no good translation for it. "No tengo ganas" means, basically, "I don't fell like it." 


The Diaper Wagon, LLC said...

Cannot wait to see the soaker (I loved the one your friend made)!

saskia said...

alright, you have put me to shame, I said I would learn to knit and right now I'm doing housework- I need to learn! I love your curtains