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Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Happy Heiny's Loot!

Not three days after I ordered my Happy Heiny's with the $50 I won from the photo contest, my beautiful diapers came in the mail!!!

Here mommy, let me help you!

Two Happy Heiny's One-Size pocket diapers, and one medium Happy Heinys sherpa fitted (that fitted is the most absorbent one that I've EVER used!  Normally the outside of my daughter's fitteds feel wet when she pees, but she can pee in this baby for awhile before it feels wet on the outside--you should all get one!)

One thing I don't like about the HH that I currently have is the rounded shape of their inserts.  I was so pleased to see that they changed the size of their inserts!  The only other tiny complaint I have with the diaper is that the fleece pills considerably over time--we'll have to see how these new HH wash.  Maybe they've replaced it with non-pilling microfleece.     Other than that, I have always been a HH fan!  My husband is their biggest fan. 

Well... my hubby loves the HH because of their velcro.  It's very high quality velcro that really holds firm and secure unlike diapers with Applix closures.   He was slightly disappointed that we didn't get more HH with velcro closures.  But I really want to have a stash that is 1/2 snaps and 1/2 velcro/applix because I have a feeling that snaps might last longer, so snaps it is.

Check out the rise snaps and the rows of closure snaps. 

Prepping them

Wearing them!

In her fitted.  I took a couple of pictures for next months HH contest. 

So pretty!

Don't forget to take a picture of your darling in his/her HH diaper and submit it to Happyheinys.com for April's contest!


Stef said...

Adorable! I'm with your husband, HH are my favorites too. They just seem to fit my little one better than any of the other brands we've tried.

Yay for happy mail!

alinatmom said...

I have two HH, but they are the older style and I never was that found of them. The inserts never seemed that adsorbent. I would like to try them out again, especially with the snaps I also saw they had Organic ones..

BabeeLove said...

I love HH, but I'm not loving the aplix - not even on other dipes. Going to start converting to ALL snaps