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Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Heiny's Contest

I partly owe my decision to cloth diaper to my dear friend Nina. (I also owe it to my friend Jess who first made me aware of the modern cloth diaper and told me how easy it is!  Another random sidenote--Nina, Jess and I all became good friends in Spain where we studied abroad, but I digress)   Why do I owe my CD decision to her?  well, because her sister cloth diapers and somehow, between her sister and her mother, and Nina I got the gift my first cloth diapers.  Three beautiful bumGenius 3.0 diapers given to me hours after my daughter was born.  And now, I'm saving lots and lots of money in our budget every week thanks to Nina's sister because I became absolutely hooked.  Okay, obsessed is a better word for it.  What a weird thing to be obsessed over!

So anyway, I'm extremely excited that Nina's beautiful niece is entered in the Happy Heiny's contest!

She's GORGEOUS!  Check her out:

...and then go to www.happyheinys.com and vote for her and all the cute little babies pictured there! If you have the same blogger friends as me, you might recognize some of the other precious faces over there.

Happy voting!


saskia said...

I'd love to try all the wool washes- the spray- etc.

saskia said...

wait, wrong place to ente-r ha ha!