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Friday, March 12, 2010

Free Shipping Giveaways Coming Soon!

I love free shipping. 


I love it so much I keep a list of cloth diaper (and other) sites who offer free shipping.

...and I rarely buy from anyone but the vendors on that list unless there's something specific I want that none of them have, or I manage to find an item at another vendor that is cheaper INCLUDING the cost of shipping!

Why?  Because to me, paying shipping costs is like raising the price on the things I thought I found a good deal on which makes it so they are not worth my while.

I'm on a tight budget.  This is why I've chosen to cloth diaper in the first place! Usually, I cannot afford to spend the lump sum that most stores require for you to qualify for free shipping.  Usually, I can only buy a diaper here and there. 

And so I have chosen to bend over backwards to avoid paying shipping by always stopping by the stores listed in my sidebar first.  You should try it too.  I've bought stuff from most of them and they're all so GREAT!!!

So, I wanted to celebrate my love of vendors who offer free shipping with a series of GIVEAWAYS.  I'm still very new to this public blogging thing, so I'm going to be doing a very small giveaway event featuring  3 or 4 shops who offer free shipping. In fact, if you're a vendor stopping by and you'd like to be included, just drop me an email or comment and I'll be more than happy to include you. 

So, be on the lookout.  In April you will see a series of giveaways coming your way featuring some of the amazing stores in my FREE SHIPPING list to the right.  It's gonna be great!!!


simplymerry said...

awesome! looking forward to it. :)

Ida Mae said...

I too, will order from sites over others because they offer free shipping, IMO, it makes it a better deal over the other shops!

I can't wait for your giveaways!

~Ida Mae