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Friday, March 12, 2010

Make Your own tissue/wipes case

The following is a tutorial intended to store dry baby wipes, tissues or napkins.  The dimensions of the case depend upon the item that you want to store.

I apologize that some of the pictures are dark. I prefer taking pictures without flash, but since I did this at night, I had no natural lighting to compensate.

When I first started to cloth diaper, I still held on to my disposable wipes.  Then I heard about cloth wipes.  I thought it was crazy for awhile, and mentioned them to my husband.  "Becca, that would actually be much easier than the disposable ones because I never have a place to dispose of them when I'm changing a cloth diaper.  It would be so much easier to just have some cloth wipes and be able to throw them in the wetbag with the diaper when they're soiled."  Since it was my husband doing the persuading, I was convinced.  I ran to my basement that very night, went through all my fabric scraps, and cut wipes out of flannel, stitching them together with a zig-zag top stitch (which is not the way I did them in my "Make Your Own Wipes" tutorial.  It's actually much easier but doesn't look as pretty when finished)

In any case, since I'd been using disposable wipes, I still had the disposable wipes case.  So, I stuffed my cloth wipes into that case... or tried to anyway.  You can't fit very many wipes in there.  So I decided it was time to find a different storage solution, and what's easier than storing cloth wipes than a cloth case?

Now, the fabric I'm using is for storing dry wipes. If you want to store your wipes wet, you might be able to try this pattern with PUL or some other waterproof material.  However, I'd recommend using a zipper or velcro to close it if you choose this method.

First, I had to decide on a design.  I drew pictures of how I wanted my case to appear, and then made measurements accordingly. 

Based on my design, you need one rectangle of fabric.  First, measure your baby wipes.  Mine are about 7" by 7".

Based on that measurement you can measure your wipes case pattern. I made my fabric 11" wide. That leaves an inch for seam allowances on both sides, and an additional inch on each side to allow for the thickness of stacked wipes.

The length of my rectangle was 13".  This allows for 4 inches on the bottom (a little more than the size of a wipe folded in half), one inch on either side to allow for the thickness of stacked wipes, and 3 inches inches on each end to allow the flaps to overlap (plus an inch for seam allowances on the rolled hems).

With the right side of the fabric facing down, you want to stitch a rolled hem on either end of the rectangle. 

When you're done with the hems on either end, your fabric should look like this:

Now, measure 3" on each end and fold that much of the ends inwards towards each other like so:

Your wipes case will look something like this, with the right sides facing each other. 

Stitch each end closed. 

Once each end is stitched closed, your wipes case will look like this.  It's 2 dimensional right now, and we need to add some depth to it.

I already decided that my case would be an inch thick.  So now, you need to put darts in the corners like so:
Pinch your fabric...

And then measure your desired thickness...

And draw a line as a guide for sewing your seam.

Now, stitch along that line. 

Repeat this process for all four corners of your wipes case.   The case will look like this when finished.

Now, turn it right side out, and you're finished! That was easy, huh?
¡Qué bonito!
Now, just add your wipes, tissues, napkins, etc, and you're ready to go.  In fact, my case just happened to be the right size for me to stick my little wipes solution spray bottle (that I got at Walmart for $.97) in there as well.  This is my travel case and it now resides happily in my diaper bag!

Now it's your turn! Have fun! Let me know how it goes!


amanda said...

what a great idea. i still use my disposable wipes case and just jam them all in there. lol. i also store them in it wet. because i've never tried using the spray bottle method. so do you spray the wipes or the bum? i'm such a dork.

Stef said...

Great wipes case! I wish I had time to sew, but I'm totally caught up in digital scrapping. Thanks for the comments on my blog. :)

Quick question: do you just use water in your spray bottle (for wipes), or a specific solution?

If you would like to know more about the scrapbook pages on my blog, send me an email: sbriesh (at) gmail (dot) com. :)