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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Diaper Rash

So my daughter has not always gotten rashes with her cloth diapers, but recently she's gotten them once every 2 weeks or so :-(.  I don't put rash creams on her because of the cloth, and the rashes always work themselves away, but I'd really like to buy some cloth-safe rash cream. I get frustrated with some of the online stores I buy my diapers from because they advertise rash creams but don't specify whether they are cloth safe or not.  So I google searched "Cloth Diaper Rash Cream" and found this site and on here is a list of diaper rash creams that are safe for cloth diapers. This list includes:

Angel Baby Bottom Balm
Baby Bottom Better
California Baby
Claymazing Powder
Grandma El's (This is a link to a free sample!)
Northern Essence Diaper Salve
Northern Essence Better Butter Cream

In my own search for a cloth diaper safe cream, I found Magic Stick Diaper Ointment and Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion at Diaper Junction.  The Magic Stick is more expensive than the Kissaluvs stuff, but from reading customer reviews it looks like it may last longer. 

What are some diaper rash creams that you have found work for your little one and your cloth?  I'd be very interested to know!


Tracey said...

Honestly, we don't use diaper cream that often, but if I do, I have made some thin flannel liners that I put between the bum and the diaper to protect the diaper. I also have some disposable paper liners that I had bought ages ago from....dang, I can't remember the name of the diaper brand. Kushies, that's it. I bought them from walmart online over 3 years ago. oh and for diaper cream we use target brand, or weeleda, or I rub a dab of lanolin breast stuff on the sore spot. Thanks for the comments! :)

Pumpkin Bear said...

We still get little rashes with cloth diapers so unfortunately that means we are using creams pretty often. The Earth Angels works pretty well as long as the rash isn't too bad and it hasn't seemed to hurt my diapers at all.

When things start to look more red, we reach for the Burts Bees (which has the same active ingredient as Destin) but is supposed to be cloth diaper safe. It works on the rash, but I noticed that my diapers started leaking and then realized that my husband had been slathering that stuff on all the time. I stripped the diapers and they are fine now.

If you have the prefolds still, I would suggest using those during the rash flare up because they don't seem to be as affected by the creams. They also don't seem to irritate the rash as much for our baby.

A. Lanigan said...

Our daughter was getting rashes pretty often at the beginning too and I was really frustrated. I found the same site on my search for an acceptable cream. I first tried California Baby b/c it was sold at my local Target and none of the others were. Only I wasn't satisfied with it at all. Around the same time, we started to have a lot of leak problems with our microfleece inserts (not blaming the cream, not sure that it was a factor). A friend of ours uses Grandma El's and we bought that and I've really liked it, we've haven't had many rash problems since and when we do, they quickly go away. No diaper leak problems either. I've also heard that Magic Stick is great from the people at our local cloth diaper store, but they were out when I went, so I plan to try that too. The frustrating thing about CD safe diaper rash creams is that they are so much more expensive than regular creams, but it's worth it not to deal with leaking diaper problems:)

Heather said...

We hadn't had many rashes until recently. Seems like my 19 mo old has one most weeks now. I finally broke down and bought Grandma El's. (I'd been using Burt's Bees, but it's not supposed to be used on cloth diapers.) I like it and it usually clears up the rash in just a day or two. It does have a smell, but it's not near as overpowering as the Burt's Bees.

Thanks for the link to the free sample!