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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Making my Own

I know how to knit.  Sort of.  I know the basic knit stitch, and purl stitch, and how to mix the two to make cool patterns.  I sort of know how to cast on (one way of doing it) and how to cast off.  And that's it.  It works well for scarves, blankets, and even dishcloths.  In fact the most difficult thing I know how to knit is a dishcloth--the one where you add a stitch on each row until it's the size you want and then take a stitch a way until you have finished your square and can cast off.  Like I once did with sewing, I have stopped there, assuming that learning anything more intricate is just too difficult.  I looked at patterns and saw all those ridiculous abbreviations with no explanation and balked.  But I recently decided I CAN learn to do more complicated things if I should so choose.  So I googled websites and free knitting patterns and even knitting abbreviations.  I found this website that seems to have a lot of the things I might be interested in knitting.  So I shall teach myself to knit as I have taught myself to sew. I mean, why not?  It's really not as complicated as it seems if you can take it one little step at a time!


BabeeLove said...

That is AWESOME!! I've always wanted to learn how to sew - so that I can make boutique style clothes for my kids. I too have always wanted to learn how to knit. I think the crocheted beanies with ears are TOO cute. You inspire me :) Maybe you should open an Etsy store!

Beccalynn said...

Oh, I wish I could take credit for those adorable things but I cannot! I found them online and I plan to learn how to do them.