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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ways to use cloth

I make no bones about it.  For me, using cloth has nothing to do with being green.  I'm on a tight budget so cloth really helps us out financially.  Since I started using cloth diapers, I've been thinking of other ways to save $ using cloth.  Here's a list of things I currently do to save using cloth:

Baby wipes
nursing pads
tissues (we just use the wipes for her spit up and nose)
towels (instead of paper towels)
swiffer pads (I just attached an old Gerber prefold and voila!)
Burp cloths

Ways I hope to use cloth in the future:
menstrual pads
grocery bags (this doesn't save me money which is why I haven't done it)
handkerchiefs (tissues)

What are some creative ways you can think of using cloth to save money? Please leave a comment and let me know because I'll do anything I can to save money in our house!

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