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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cloth Diaper Fabrics

So, I'm almost done with my first cloth diaper (made almost entirely of fabrics found around the house) and I'm discovering that it's really not that hard to make.  Really!! The most difficult thing about it is limiting myself to things I already have.  So I have one type of snap to close the diaper and another type of snap to adjust the rise (Yes, it's a one-size diaper).  I'm glad that I just happen to have snaps because when I thought I didn't have any I was going to use the buttons from the raincoat I cut up!  I wouldn't mind the idea of buttons except the fact that a baby can tear them off and swallow them scares me a little.  Yes, I'm paranoid.  So, I would finishing up with my sewing right now (6am) but we have a guest over and I don't want to wake him with my sewing machine. But this time of the day is normally a great time for projects like that because my little angel is still sleeping.  So instead I am searching online for a great place to buy fabrics.  I don't know if I'll find a place with the fabrics I want AND free shipping (I rarely, if ever, pay for shipping when buying my diapers thanks to Diaperpin.com!), but since I'm not ready to buy the stuff yet anyway, that question can wait.  So, in case I forget, here are the diaperwebsites I found:

www.diapercuts.com --this place has almost everything I'm interested in "in stock" but the design of the website is somewhat messy and difficult to navegate.  However, she has the best prices of the three sites I've looked at so I can forgive a messy site!

www.celticclothswholesale.com  --looks like a great site but almost NOTHING is in stock!!!  I wrote to them on the contact page and asked them to please restock.  No one's going to buy from them with ALL their most popular fabrics sold out.

verybaby.com--also a cute site but nothing I want is in stock, though they have more in stock than celtic cloths.

diaperkits.com--have precut, all inclusive kits for you to make your own diapers

I've decided that I'm going to buy some PUL (obviously) and as an inner, absorbent layer I want Hemp Fleece.

Other cloth diaper fabrics are easier to find at regular fabric stores or in clothing designated for Good Will--such as microfleece (to wick away moisture) and even microsuede (I just happen to have some in my personal fabric stash but it's an ugly, tan color because it's left over from a Renaissance Faire male peasant costume).  If you want a microfiber insert, you can just go to the automotive section of Walmart or Target and buy washcloths there.  They're made of microfiber.  For my recycled cloth diaper I am using a microfiber washcloth someone gave me as a wedding present for "washing dishes" but I never liked it for that purpose.  So, theoretically I don't even need to get the hemp fleece because other absorbent layers are available to me, but I will anyway.  I just want to try it and premade diapers made with the stuff are so expensive.  Any hemp diapers are really expensive so if I want some, I gotta make them myself.

I wish I'd had the ambition to try this before I'd filled my stash with other diapers.  I mean, you know that I'm in LOVE with all my diapers, but I could have saved even more money if I'd made them myself.  I'm fully capable and always have been... but newborn care and post partum issues made the idea of sewing repulsive to me.  Oh well!

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The Jacobsen Family! said...

I am planning on making some cloth diapers when we have our next, just to see... I am a bit worried I'll be disappointed, but if it saves me money, it'll be worth it. =) You should post a picture of the one you made! I'd love to see it!!