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Monday, January 11, 2010


Okay, so it's well-established that I'm obsessed with my cloth diapers. I'm also obsessed with shopping online. (Almost all my Christmas shopping was done through Amazon and Snapfish :-D). With that obsession comes a new obsession with the postman. No, not that kind of obsession! But I eagerly await the mail EVERY DAY because I always have so many wonderful things to wait for! For instance, this week I'm expecting an aqua Haute Pockets One-size Diaper , an apple green one-size Fuzzi Bunz, some Rockin' Green Laundry detergent in the Cherry Almond scent, a present for a friend's little girl, and a nursing bra for my abnormally sized rack (currently a 36H). I can't TELL you how excited I am! It's a good thing my husband and I are on a tight budget. I know exactly how much I can spend on my cloth diapers from pay check to paycheck and in the two weeks that anticipate that paycheck I carefully plot my purchases, searching through websites posted on Diaperpin.com to find the best deals with free shipping (the only thing I've bought without free shipping recently is the laundry detergent as it's nearly impossible to find detergent that ships for free because it's so darn heavy!). So, what's on the agenda for next week? A diaper sprayer. Found one at nicki's diapers.com that's 29.99 but I couldn't find any with free shipping that are cheaper. It will total to about $34 with the coupon code "Madison" that I found on retailmenot.com that has always worked to take 10%--or is it 5% --off my Nicki's Diapers orders. Normally the things I buy from Nicki's Diapers ship for free (Diaper covers and pocket diapers) but alas, the diaper sprayer does not.

In any case, I'm at work, supposed to be prepping for my Spanish 2 class and blogging about my incoming packages instead because I'm just so excited!

Do you know I've banned my husband from opening said packages simply because I relish the joy of doing it myself? I'm already jealous enough that he's there when the postman comes bearing my precious gifts, so I've kindly requested that he keep the packages intact until I come home so I can still savor that small pleasure! :-)

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U+Me=Us said...

Charlies Soap, which i've found to be the BEST laundry detergent for diapers AND all of our other household laundry usually ships for free. You should check out their site next time you're in need. Also, their all purpose cleaner last forever and seriously works on everything! Happy shopping :)

PS(I have no affiliation with Charlies at all, i'm just a happy customer!)