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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Make your Own...

...Swiffer pads!

My kitchen floor needed to be mopped the other day and I couldn't locate our regular mop, so I eyed the Swiffer that was hanging out in our pantry.  I didn't have any of the disposable pads that come with it--or I wasn't able to locate them--and I don't even think I had any of the cleaning solution.  But nevertheless, my floor needed to be cleaned.  When we bought this house, we inherited this Gerber prefold from who knows where.  It just started living here with us and showing up in our laundry.  (Maybe we accidentally took it from our neighbors before we left our apartment?)  In any case, it's an old, used diaper that had been homeless--up until now, that is.  After reading the title of a post on Diaper Pin and not even taking the time to delve into the article (which I'm sure is wonderful) I grabbed my little prefold, tucked the ends loosely into each corner, and washed away. 


I guess I can't say I "made" my swiffer pad because there was absolutely no making involved.  I just repurposed my old diaper.  
Now I was thinking about making a swiffer duster with a microfiber towel (or you could even use an old microfiber insert but I couldn't bring myself to use one of my good ones) when I found this post on my friend's blog.  It was so great to hear that it could be bought for so cheap rather than made.  Now, of course, if my dollar store doesn't carry one, then I shall have to buy a microfiber towel from the automotive section of walmart, but even at that, it's not a bad deal!


Kayla said...

The microfiber towels from Wal-Mart (only $5 for a pack of 8) work great as Swiffer cloths. I cut mine 8.5 x 11 and zig-zag stitched the edges and voila! They pick up so much better than the disposable kind. And, you can use the leftover microfiber to make extra inserts. Kudos to your friend...I hope I can find one of those!

alinatmom said...

I use some of my cheapo pocket inserts that I never would trust on Natalie for diapering and they work great. It is a very cool idea espcially with the cost swiffer charges.