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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Free Breastfeeding Products

Uddercovers.com and Sevenslings.com are running a promo for a free product with the code "Breastfeeding."  All you do is pay shipping and handling, which was about $10 for me.  Since their products are $30-$40 each, it's like getting them for %60-%75 off. 
They actually ran this promo when Bunny was a newborn (or maybe shortly before she was born?) and I bought a nursing cover from them.  It wasn't a scam, no one hacked my credit card, and I got a pretty nursing cover in the mail.  I don't use it much because I'm clumsy with nursing covers and I decided I won't cover when nursing.  Nursing has to happen in public sometimes, like it or not, so I do so unashamedly. 

Uddercovers.com offers breastfeeding covers, nursing bracelets, and breast pads.  Sevenslings.com offers slings, baby leggings, and cute bracelets to match the slings.  Overall it seems like a good deal to me!  My one question is whether or not the breastpads are absorbent and waterproof.  I leaked like a faucet for two or three months after Bunny was born, and I leaked through some breast pads like they weren't there.  Even then, I occasionally leaked around the Knickernappies Large breast pads (they're my fave, btw!).  So, the fact that I can find no reviews on them kinda bothers me. 


jen said...

i dont know about those particular breast pads but i would leak through every kind of cotton. then i tried wool! i will admit, the 1st day, my nipples seemed a little itchy but after that i could leave them in all day! i LOVE wool!

Megan said...

I have the gift set and am very happy with the quality. As far as how much the breast pad hold, I can't help you, I'm not a leaker. :-)