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Friday, September 30, 2011

%75 off Fleece!

So, I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I will be writing a post about the fleece training pants I made for Bunny.  She is now, officially, potty trained even at night--though we still put a diaper on her at night--and so I find it necessary to make something somewhat accident proof for when we're out and about (though when we're in the house we stick with Gerber training pants--the non waterproof kind--because they absorb a little but they don't stop Bunny from realizing that she just had an accident.  Anyway I went to Joann's Fabric yesterday with my %50 coupon that I got in the mail and a %20 coupon that I printed in a google search (actually, I think you can find both of them if you google search it) and I discovered that Fleece was %50 off.  My %20 off coupon was good for even sale items so I bought 1/2 yard of fleece in pink monkeys--per Bunny's request--and some coordinating purple to go with it.  Those went on the coupon.  Then, I went to the remnants bin.  There were LOTS of fleece remnants, and remnants are always %50 off the current price of the fabric which means that they were %75 off! IT was such a sweet deal I got about 6 or 7 large fleece remnants (they're almost always just under a yard long) and a couple of flannel remnants for my soaker strip in the training pants. What a deal!

And in case you're wondering, here's a sneak peek of what Bunny's Pull-up cloth trainers look like.  It'll try to post a tutorial soon, so keep bugging me if I don't :-D
 The fleece is for some waterproof-ish protection, and then there's a snap in soaker.  The best thing is, I can take the soaker out and use these either alone when we feel confident enough, or I can put them over her Gerber trainers.  Either way, they're sweet.

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saskia said...

I'd love a tutorial, I wish we had a joanns here