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Sunday, September 25, 2011

30% off at Victoria's Secret

Hey, guys! I just got Victoria's Secret to send me a 30% off coupon! It wasn't on purpose, actually.  I went into their store to get fitted for a bra for the first time since my boobs became unusually large with pregnancy and nursing (they went up to a 36G) and was thrilled with the wonderful service there.  I'm sure you're all familiar with this, but they'll measure you and fit you with the right bra and they're all so helpful and knowledgeable about bras.  Really.  It was such a positive experience for my poor, neglected boobies that have had to shove themselves into sizes way to small because 36 Gs don't exist in the regular world where Mommies don't have lots and lots of money for expensive lingerie.  Anyway, they fitted me with a 36DD which fits better than a bra has fit in a VERY long time (though I suspect I'd do better with a 34DDD), so I contacted them through the Victoria's Secret website and told them what great service they had and for my time they're sending me a coupon via the mail! Yes, I think another bra might be making its way into my house sometime soon!
So, yeah, if you have the time, comment on VS's service after a visit to their store.  You might just get offered a coupon like I did! :-D

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