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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hermie: A Common Caterpillar; book review

Hermie is a common caterpillar. He has no spots or stripes, he is just plain green with a few freckles. Wormie, his friend, is also common and plain. Every day, these two friends talk to God about the characteristics that they wish they had such as spots, strength, or a cool house like their friend the snail and God says to them each time, “Don’t worry, I love you both just the way you are and I’m not finished with you yet.” In the end, they discover that though it seemed that everyone else had gifts and they’d been left out, God really did have something beautiful in store for them.

In this story, Hermie: a Common Caterpillar Max Lucado writes a simple children’s story that simply illustrates truth about who we are in Christ. Through Hermie and Wormie’s example he encourages his young audience to accept who they are and to be content with whom God has made them. He also urges them to trust that God has amazing plans in store for them if they only just wait and lean on him.

I loved this story! It was beautifully and brightly illustrated and very well written. The theme was something that people young and old can easily relate to and it was well presented and easy to understand. I’m eager to read more of Max Lucado’s Hermie series based on how adorable this little book is! I highly recommend this book to anyone with small children who like to listen to stories, or grade schoolers just learning how to love reading for themselves. 

I was given this book for free by Thomas Nelson publishers in return for my review.  The opinions presented here are my own. 

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