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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Stash

So, I wanted to do a picture of my FULL stash for awhile and doing the flats challenge a couple of months back afforded me that opportunity.  Being as busy as I am, I haven't been able to post the pictures til now, which means that I've also acquired a couple more diapers that aren't pictured.  Doh!
Here's my pockets (with one or two AIOs and AI2s):
I have them stacked by brand. I'm SUCH a dork!
Top row: Tweedlebugs, Haute Pockets, Anna Banana Designs, and Baby Kicks
Second row: Two stacks of bumGenius! (14 total), 4 Happy Heinys, 6 Fuzzi Bunz (i've since gotten the Spearmint as well), 5 Rump-a-rooz
Bottom row: 2 Knickernappies, 2 Smartipants, 1 Rocky Mountain, 1 Grovia AIO, and 1 Katydid (now called Oh Katy!)
Diaper Junction has also sent me the Best Bottom diaper to film since I took that picture.

Here are my fitteds and my wool (with one fleece cover thrown in):
The above picture is JUST the fitteds.  There are only three that I bought.  The rest I, or a friend made.  The back row is all my T shirt fitteds (for sale in my Etsy shop)
Front row: Happy Heiny's Sherpa fitted, a bamboo fitted flat from a friend, a Bum Covered Diapers fitted, and a bumGenius bamboo fitted.
And here are my fitteds with my wool:
Most of the wool is hand knit, but I did upcycle one cranberry wool sweater into a soaker, a skirtie and some longs.

Here are my prefolds:
The top right is a Hemp babies prefold.  The white ones are Chinese prefolds, and the unbleached ones are Indian, unbleached prefolds.  To some of them, I've added snaps, and to the one on the top right, I added leg elastics so it looks like a fitted when it's on my baby, but dries, folds, sizes like a pre fold :-D.  After taking this picture, I got four more prefolds from Diaper Junction to use for this video: They're sized medium and large, and both bleached and unbleached.

After washing all my flats after the Flats Challenge, I took a photo of them and my PUL covers.
Here they are, five Osocozy unbleached birdseye cotton flat diapers, four flour sack towels from Target, and 12 large Diaper Right unbleached flat diapers from Diaper Junction that are featured in three videos on Diaper Junction's youtube channel.

Finally, here are my PUL covers.  I don't have very many, though now I do have the Best Bottom diaper that can be used for only the cover should I choose to do so.
Top: size 2 Thirsties Duo wrap with aplix, Medium Thirsties wrap, a Green Earth diaper cover (I believe.
Bottom: Bumkins, size medium, Thirsties duo wrap size 2 with snaps, and one of my own diaper covers with PUL and an outer layer of my college T shirt.

I also have the Fluff Stash app now for my iPhone which is a nice way of organizing my stash for my personal reference and for swaps and sales should I choose to use it for that.  Here are a couple of pictures of that.  You should try it out for yourself!


saskia said...

what a cute wool wrap, did you knit it

María Xi said...
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María Xi said...

¡Qué increíble la cantidad de pañales que tienes para tu conejita! Quedé muy asombrada. Yo solamente tengo 24 en total (entre prefolds, todo en uno y bolsillo)

Cariños desde Chile