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Monday, September 26, 2011

Bunny's 2 Year Old Portraits

So, my hubby and I took these photos on Saturday and now we're having a hard time choosing which ones to frame.  I guess that's a good dilemma to have, right?
Do you know what the best thing is about these photos?  It's what you can't see! Bunny is wearing training pants under that pretty dress--training pants that she kept dry ALL day long!  I love my cloth diapers, but I don't love them enough to want to keep using them with Bunny past two years old.  Ha ha!
So, do you think you can help me choose which one to put on our mantle?  Which one would you pick?


María Xi said...

Las fotos están hermosas!!!

Qué linda está ella en sus primeros dos añitos :)


Myself said...

2. 18, or 20... 2 is by far the cutest.