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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

She doesn't like watermelon

An Amish farm across the street from my Father-in-law's house was selling watermelons for $1 each.  Eager to have farm fresh fruit at such a great price, my husband and I bought one, took it home, and sliced it up, giving Bunny her first bites of watermelon ever!  Since Bunny eats pretty much anything, I expected that watermelon would be a welcome treat!
I didn't expect this:

 First we gave it to her on the rind, assuming she'd like the edible chewing toy, and when she shuddered in disgust at that, we cut it up and gave it to her the way she eats most of her food.  I fed her a few bites and more shuddering and twitching at the proffered food.  Yikes!  But she's such a good girl! She always has been, because even though she disliked it, she willingly opened her mouth and tried it each time I offered.  I was eating it too, and I think that helped her continue to try because she always likes to eat what Mommy is eating.

Dave and I are really big on making our kids (well, we only have one now, but there will be more, God willing) eat what they're given, like it or not. We are not going to raise a picky eater because we want our children to be thankful for what their given and to learn that it is rude to reject the food that someone prepared for you no matter how you feel about the taste.  For this reason, we give her things even if she doesn't like them and we give them to her continually.  She knows this is the case, so after a week or two of protest when she first started tasting flavorful foods after her first grains, she's learned that if it is offered, she needs to eat it.  But watermelon is a treat, so I don't know that I'm going to force her to eat it.  I will, however, offer it a few times again just in case it's her taste buds that aren't accustomed rather than a personal preference of hers.

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Owen's Mom said...

Oh, no! Too bad. We grow watermelons among other things on our farm. My daughter loves the watermelon & peaches we grow, but doesn't like the cantaloupe. Go figure! Sadly, the cantaloupe is the pride and joy of her great grandpa.