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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A new diaper tester!!!

My friend just had her baby on Friday...

...which means I had a tiny little body to measure and I could finally make these:

From the baby's measurements, I made two different diapers. The white one was very true to her measurments (she's 7lbs 4oz) and had a waist of 12" and a rise of 9" (can you believe how tiny that is???) Also, I only put 6 layers of T shirts into it so that the diaper would stay trim. The second one (pink/green w/velcro) has all the same measurements as the white but a 11" rise to accommodate a NB as they grow and it has my normal 8 layers of T shirts.

After going back and visiting my friend and her baby, I'm sure the white is most appropriate for the baby right now.  And since newborn diapers are fit for babies only when they are so teeny tiny, I think that the 9" rise is the one I shall stick with.  We'll see, though.  I'm going to let my friend test them out and she'll tell me which is best.

Only after I'd taken these to to them did I realize I forgot to accommodate an umbilical chord. Doh! I'll make adjustments to that on subsequent patterns.  Don't know if I'll do that this week, though, since I'm preparing for Bunny's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! Woot woot!

In any case, once the patterns are perfected, I'll probably sell these for about $5 rather than the $7-$8 I charge for my size S and M diapers.  They're somehow so much easier to sew even though the same amount of steps are needed for them.

Also, you can look for a Large diaper from me soon.  My friend was testing the pattern I created on her baby and I have seemed to be able to work all the kinks out so once I'm not so busy you'll find it in my shop!

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saskia said...

that pink one is so cute