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Friday, September 10, 2010

1 year old

Yesterday was Bunny's very FIRST birthday!

I can't believe it! I spent the day doing things that she loves. 
Mommy stayed home from work.
We played a lot.
She had a playdate.
We watched Sesame Street (she doesn't normally watch TV but Mommy was tired)
We went to the play ground
She opened presents
We let her eat AS MUCH cake as she could handle
She stayed up late.

I tried not to do anything that would detract my attention from her, but when she was napping I worked on writing a letter to her in her "birthday book," a book that my husband and I, and any birthday guests will write to her in at each birthday...and I'll write to her when I feel like it in between ;-)

AND I printed the weekly update posts from my personal blog into a 190 page book.  Yes, I wrote weekly updates since her first week (well actually since 6 weeks gestation, but I didn't include those in the book or it would have been ridiculous) and I included pictures so it's sort of her baby book.  I'll take it to an office store today and have it bound as soon as I finish writing about her 52nd week.

It was a beautiful day of remembering all that God has done in a year and remembering those first moments when we saw her face and the love began to flow even more than it had when she was just an idea kicking inside of me.  I am amazed at all that God has brought us through and I'm amazed at my little girl who now walks around and is trying to talk.  She is so beautiful and wonderful inside and out and I feel like the luckiest Mommy in the entire world. 

 Here are some of her presents: We bought an unfinished play stove/sink from an Amish furniture maker and painted it ourselves and put the fixtures where we wanted them, and I knit her some play fruit to go with it.  I didn't know I could knit play food til I tried and no, I don't have a pattern if you're looking for one, I'm sorry.  I just make it up as I go.  Eventually, when I have the time (maybe after Christmas since I'm going to try to handmake my gifts this year) I will add some play food to my Etsy


Carly said...

Happy Birthday to your Bunny!!

María Xi said...

Espero que tu conejita haya tenido un muy lindo primer cumpleaños.

Cariños desde Chile.

saskia said...

jealous of the stove, and that you can knit play food- kidding over jealous-

Anonymous said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Beautiful Bunny...