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Monday, September 27, 2010

1 year old portraits

Because portrait places--even Walmart--charge an arm and a leg for crappy portraits and I can't afford a nice photographer, we decided that I'd take Bunny's 1 year old portraits.

I wasn't so sure how I felt about doing them myself.  I can take a half decent picture sometimes, but I don't consider myself an amazing photographer or anything.

But I did them with my husband's help and I have to say that they came out half decent.  I guess, with such a beautiful subject to photograph, I shouldn't have been surprised :-D


simplymerry said...

if you hadn't told us they weren't professional, we won't have guessed! :P

Impressive and beautiful. :)

Pumpkin Bear said...

Those are amazingly beautiful! You are very talented! I know what you mean about not wanting to spend a fortune at a studio. Your pictures came out way better than the ones I see at studios anyway. Thank you for sharing!

María Xi said...

¡Qué hermosa es tu conejita!
Muy lindas fotos también.

Best regards from Chile.