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Friday, September 10, 2010

Book Review: Outlive Your Life

Have you ever stopped to look at where your life is going and wondered if you’re making a difference? Do you ever read about great thinkers or amazing inventors or even just memorable athletes and wonder how you will be remembered? If you will be remembered? In his new book, Outlive Your Life, Max Lucado shows us simple ways to outlive our lives, not necessarily to be remembered, but to make a difference in the hearts of those who need it most. In his amazing, down-to-earth, style of storytelling, Max opens a window into the lives of the disciples of Christ whose lives are recorded in the Bible, and also into the lives of disciples of Christ with whom he is acquainted in order to give us prototypes of how to follow in Christ’s footsteps. It’s all about reaching out to the least of these in the simple ways that we are capable of reaching. It’s about looking—really looking—at people and seeing them the way God sees them. It’s about forgetting our doctrinal differences and working shoulder to shoulder in the mission field called earth to help improve the lives of the impoverished. It’s about being real in the simple ways. It isn’t about grand gestures or even being recorded in a history book.

As usual, I am enchanted with Max Lucado’s writing style. When I read his books, I feel that he brings deep, theological truths that I can barely grasp down to my level where I can understand them and act on them. His anecdotal, friendly style makes for an easy read, and yet I feel like my life is changed every time I read one of his books. He challenges his audience to take a closer look at themselves in the light of Jesus and make the appropriate changes so that we can become more of a reflection of His image. With that in mind, I highly recommend this book to others.

Thomas Nelson sent me a copy of this book to review. This gift has in no way affected my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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