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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hey, guys! I'm so sorry I haven't posted lately! I've just been SO BUSY!!! I am fulfilling two orders for fitted diapers for friends (totaling 7 diapers plus a cover or two and the covers take much longer and require more work) and I've also been perfecting my NB fitted pattern so I can start to sell them! My friend here is testing a total of 4 NB fitted diapers--all have slight variations on them, and my blogger friend over at The Jacobsen Family has agreed to test three more diaper patterns. So, in the past week, I have cut out all the pieces for 12 diapers.  I normally don't sew more than 2-4 diapers in a week (though there was that one week I made 7 for a friend).  In addition to that, I'm still hard at work on some wool shorties for my Woolie Winner. In addition, I write reviews and other posts for The Cloth Diaper Blog which earns me some spending cash for things like replacing the video camera I broke at the beginning of the summer. 


With all that and cleaning my house and working part time and still trying to put my daughter and husband first, you can see how my blog got put on a back burner this week. 

Pictures will come soon.  NOrmally they come once a week because I was doing Bunny's weekly updates on my personal blog, but now that she's over a year old, I'm only doing monthly posts so I have to remind myself to upload pictures intermittently.  Among those pictures, I'll include some of the diapers I've been hard at work on. 

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