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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vote for Bunny!

Okay, so Knickernappies is having a photo contest on their Facebook page. Which ever photo is "liked" the most amount of times, wins 6 KN diapers, and five runners up win 1 diaper. I really want to win the 6 diapers. I dont' actually need them, but the girl in my church who I gave some other cloth diapers to, really does. I try to give her cloth diapers every chance I get, but I think she only has about 9 right now so I want to win these and give them to her. I have to admit, that if I won the 6 I would keep 1 and give 5 away. Of course, if Bunny's photo is the runner up, I'd just give her the 1 diaper I would win.

So, would you be so kind as to go over to this facebook page and click "like" under Bunny's photo? It looks like this.  You can find it at this URL:


Or you can just click here.

And if you have a KN diaper, you should enter yours as well.  Let me know who you are and I'll "like" your photo too! Thanks so much guys, you're awesome! 


simplymerry said...

such a cutie. :) I'll go vote. I don't know if I'll enter this giveaway because there's no way I could garner enough likes

saskia said...

I don't mean to hurt anyones feelings, but this is the cutest picture up. I looked at them all- but I couldn't vote

simplymerry said...

oh, and you're a great photographer. :)