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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Preparing for a weekend away

So, this past weekend (Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon) my husband took his youth group on a weekend retreat and Bunny and I joined him, of course, because we LOVE our Daddy/husband.
In preparation for the weekend, I bought a boatload of prefolds and flats.  I don't use disposables--ever--which is simply a choice I have made that I don't expect others to do, but since I've traveled with all pockets before and found washing them somewhat difficult away from home (due to the finicky nature of microfiber inserts) I wanted to try something new.  Something easier to wash.  Pockets are easier to wear but prefolds (and flats) are much easier to wash.   Bunny had 7 prefolds before the trip.  I bought 12 of them for $21 at Sew Crafty Baby and 12 Oso Cozy Flat diapers for $15 at Mom's Milk Boutique.   

Anyway, when the prefolds came from Sew Crafty Baby, Bunny was more than thrilled to play with them.  We like to play "where's the baby" with pieces of cloth that can be put over her head.  I put it over her face and ask, "Where's the baby?" and she pulls it off and smiles at me and I say, "There she is!" It's one of our favorite games!

Okay, so she didn't smile for these picture, but I promise, she loves this :-D


saskia said...

I use disposables when I travel, I always run out, then I get mad that I have to buy more, they are such a waste!

Jessie said...

We have never used disposables either but we've always stayed with family when we've gone away. I'm really excited to hear how this works out for you because we're thinking about vacation spots for the summer and I have no idea what kind of (cloth) diapers to take!