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Thursday, April 8, 2010


My diapers just started leaking randomly.  It is mostly at night, but it happened yesterday when she was nursing.  They don't need to be stripped because I just did that a few weeks ago.  It mostly happens when my daughter is on her side--which is something she's started doing when she sleeps.  The leaking does not discriminate against diapers.  It has happened with all of them.  The only thing I can think is that I need to add more absorbency.  I only ever add one insert.  More absorbency made sense to me during the night but I didn't expect this to happen during the day.  Any suggestions?


Jill said...

When my baby started laying on her belly/sides at night, we started getting leaks, but it went away after a couple of weeks. Try adjusting the absorbency a little bit for nap time and using aplix diapers so you can get them REALLY tight.

aja reeser said...

i noticed that pocket diapers and some AIOs tended to leak more with baby on her side and i think it is because the outer and inner fabrics are sewn together at the leg seams, causing extra moisture to wick outward. try prefolds with a cover with leg gussets (thirsties works really well) or a wool soaker. i have a heavy pee-er and this combo has worked way better than pockets and AIOs for us! hope this helps.

amanda said...

i always add two inserts...then i can get away with longer between changes. :0) but i use a hemp and a microfiber in each pocket. my babies are mostly belly or back sleepers, so i never had to deal with the leaky issues! hope you get it figured out!!

saskia said...

it could be the way you are sewing in your pul- ask vilate at nifty nappy-she would know- she told me she figured it out- i have a diaper i bought from a lady a long time ago and it leaks because of how she did her pul- i think if you have a good insert,your diaper shouldn't leak

Mama Goose said...

How old is she? Sounds like checking the fit might be worth it too. Maybe if she is growing and changing her legs are thinning out and she needs a tighter fit in the leg?

I have a boy, so most of my problems are when I get him "tucked in" wrong.

BabeeLove said...

I've been having those issues lately with my son during his naps...so weird.