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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moby Walks are my Favorite!

When people ask me what that ONE thing is that every new mom should have, I will usually say a Moby Wrap.  Seriously, if you're expecting, go get one.  Or something like it.  It's amazing.  Of course, I think another thing that no new mother should be without is cloth diapers, but most people disagree.


I just came back from a Moby Wrap walk with Bunny.  It was the first time I'd been able to do that in a L-O-N-G time! My back is almost back to normal and with it's gradual healing comes the gradual re-usage of my favorite baby accessory.  And walking without a stroller.  Bunny has grown up a little since the last time I could wear her and it was different walking with her in the Moby today.

It's windy and she loves wind.  She loves when we blow in her face too! So she intermittently pulled her face out and threw it back with her little eyes closed and her cheeks puffed out in a gummy, open-mouth smile like a puppy throwing his head out the window of a moving car.  I thought my heart would burst to see her experiencing wind for the first time with such rapture and joy!

I used the wind as an opportunity to tell her about God.
"You can't see the wind and you can't hear it, baby girl, but you know it's there because of the evidence it leaves all around you.  You can hear leaves and grass rustling and see trees moving, and feel the wind rubbing your face and that's how you know it's here.  God is the same way.  Sometimes you can't see him or hear him but you know He's there because of the great things he does."

She didn't get it yet, but one day she'll understand.

She was sightseeing today too.  When I want her to go to sleep I take the one side of the Moby and tuck her little head under it with her face sticking out.  I did that because I mistakenly thought she was the same baby who'd gone on Moby walks with me a month or two ago and thought she'd go to sleep.  But she protested, refusing to be confined and sticking her little head out and looking to one side for awhile, then the other just observing everything.  And when the wind got too strong, she burrowed her little face against my breast seeking the comfort of my nearness.

Meanwhile, I was getting back on track to losing the last 5-10 baby pounds that had been sneaking back on me while my back recovered.  Losing weight while cuddling Bunny.  What can be better!  Wearing your baby is one of the best ways to bond, in my opinion.  It's an everlasting cuddle!

And today, we enjoyed said cuddle to the sound of the trees praising their Maker and the lilacs sending up sweet aromas of worship to Him.  And He walked with us as He always does.
...and this is what happens when your wonderful SLR focuses on YOU when you set it up rather than focusing on the background...oops!!!


saskia said...

I would love one of those

simplymerry said...


i need to get back to walking... once we get over this nasty cold.

alinatmom said...

I never knew until Nat was born that it was called "baby wearing" I always "baby wore" Alicia till she was 3ish because I liked holding her, liked the extra exercise, and like having less stuff to take with me. No one never understood but I am doing it again with Natalie haha.

amanda said...

i LOVE the moby wrap as well!! it works great when i take all the kiddos to the mall by myself too.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Awesome! I have a Moby Wrap I won and wondered how I'd like it for our new little guy. Now I am even MORE excited to try it!

U+Me=Us said...

I wanted to love our Moby, reall i did. But my son was born in May and we live in Florida, so i just couldn't get over how HOT all those yards of fabric were wrapped around the two of us. We tried wearing it a few times, but after a few minutes we were both drenched in sweat and itching to get out of that thing. I got a Hotslings off craigslist and LOVE it! Its light and fits great. I really want and Ergo...i'm dreaming of one of those :)