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Monday, April 5, 2010

Look at my Baby Girl!!!

I was so delighted today when I went to the Happy Heiny's website to vote for my daughter's picture (and also Nathaniel's since his mommy let me know he was there) and I saw THIS on their front page:

When I won January's contest, they told me that they loved my daughter's pictures and to look for her on the front page sometime soon but I thought that was just something they say to all the HH winners.  Apparently she is as cute to everyone else as she is to me.  It probably helps that she's wearing a snapping diaper and they are featuring their snap closures on the front page, and that I conveniently put her to the side rather than the middle of the picture (I was just following the rule of thirds suggested for a good picture).  In any case, my little Bunny is a temporary baby model and I'm a proud mama!!!

Don't forget to vote, btw.  Enter your baby and vote for my Bunny and all the other adorable babies on the site.  Let me know if you're baby is there and his/her name so I can vote for him/her as well. 


simplymerry said...

That is so cool! :D

And that is really an incredible pic. I'm not surprised they're using it on their homepage. :) I hope you win (yours is the best imo)!

saskia said...

the picture is beautiful- i don't have any happy heinys to take a picture of my beautiful babe

Autumn Beck said...

Really enjoyed your post on the the Cloth Diaper Blog.

amanda said...

super adorable. what a great surprise!!

Stuff Parents Need said...

I love it! My little one currently has a bunny just about that size, and she is always holding it/chewing on it!

Tim, Allyson, and kids said...

I thought that was your little bunny when I went to their site the other day :)