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Friday, April 9, 2010

Meet Saskia

Saskia writes one of my all time favorite blogs.  As soon as I see that she has updated, I quickly scoot over there to see what she's said.  I think I like her blog so much because it's so real, down to earth, and raw.  She kindly opens a window into her world and I feel very refreshed every time I go over there to visit.

Saskia has an Etsy shop where she sells the most adorable Waldorf Inspired Dolls.  She is also selling some adorable baby shoes.  I haven't tried those shoes, but you can check out this blog for a review of them!  I've wanted to get something from her shop for awhile, but it just didn't fit into my budget.  So I was delighted when I won one of her cute little dolls--well two, actually-- from the Nifty Nappy blog!

I really hoped that the dolls would arrive before Easter because I wanted to add them to Bunny's first Easter Basket, so when they came last Saturday, I was delighted!!!

Okay, so I couldn't wait to give her the doll until Easter, so I let her have it as soon as I tore the package opened.
She, of course, decided that the best way to enjoy the doll would be to experience it in her mouth!
It's SO soft, and just the perfect size for her tiny hands! She loves it!
The Waldorf inspired doll also came with a "root baby,"  a tiny, baby Waldorf inspired doll.  It is really a bit too tiny for her yet (Saskia even warned me so on her business card), but I let her play with it anyway under my watchful eye.

That, too, went right to her mouth! Right now, her mouth is the vehicle through which she discovers the world!

The root baby really is very tiny and adorable.  

She's so excited about the doll! I love the movement in this picture!
I love the tiny features of her face.  Well, I love the features of Bunny's face, of course, but I was referring specifically to the doll :-D. It's so soft and delicate--perfect for tiny fingers to explore.

Even though I'd already given it to her, I added it to her Easter basket on Sunday.

She had brought it to church that morning and played with it in the nursery during both services. 

I think you'd love these dolls too if you could just get your hand on one.  She has dolls from as small as 5 inches up to 8 inches--and of course the tiny root babies :-D Go check them out and support a WAHM while you're at it! You won't be sorry! They're SO adorable!!!

This post is wholly my opinion and I was not compensated in any way for this review.  I just love Saskia and her dolls!


A. Lanigan said...

I also love her dolls! I bought one a few months ago and then I was also lucky enough to win one and a pair of shoes. Not only are the dolls awesome, so are the shoes! They are seriously the best shoes, my baby wears them almost everyday!

amanda said...

those dolls are so cute!! i was just looking at 'toys' on etsy yesterday. i'll have to go check hers out and get one for the new baby!

The Diaper Wagon, LLC said...

Super cute dolls! We have a friend who is having a baby soon - I might just have to buy one of these as a gift :) Thanks for sharing!

saskia said...

FINALLY! I am online, Thanks for the awesome blossom blog post, great, now hubby is upset that I am on the internet and not spending time with him. ha ha!