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Monday, August 8, 2011


My little family is away again this week.  For ten days my husband is the young adult leader for our denomination's local camp meeting.  It's an AWESOME time of faith, fellowship, and fun.  I've come here since Dave and I were dating only one month and I fell in love with it and we've been going ever since.  Since we live nearby, we've never stayed over night, just commuted back and forth for a couple of days.  This is the first time we've actually stayed over and we're loving it as is little Bunny.  It's great!
When we get back, I'll have a week left til I start teaching again and hopefully, with the return of my routine, my regular blog posts will return as well.  You would have thought that I would write more often now that I'm home for the summer, but oddly enough it just hasn't turned out that way.  Go figure!

Have a blessed week!

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