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Friday, August 19, 2011

Bunny's birthday present from Zulily!

Bunny's birthday is only a couple of weeks away so when I found this little treasure on Zulily for only $26, I was PSYCHED to buy it! I coupled that deal (down from $48) with my $15 in referral credits and a coupon for 10% off (FAMILY10) and bought it for only $14 and some change shipped.  I just KNOW Bunny is going to love it! She's come to a very creative stage in her play time where she talks to her dollies and animals and tells them what to do and where to sit and sometimes speaks for them so having a little school house and play yard with adorable little plastic people to act out her fantasies is wonderful.  I cannot wait for her to see it!

I also debated about whether to buy this adorable wooden alphabet puzzle for only $15:

 ...or this sorting bead set for only $10, but ultimately decided that the schoolhouse was what Bunny would most want. 

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