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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How I'm Preparing for the Flats and Handwashing Challenge!

Wow, the time is nearly upon us--May 23rd when 300+ of us will spend a week using only flat diapers and handwashing and air drying them.  It's kind of exciting! So how have I prepared?  I've practiced.  I've spent lots of time using different folds on Bunny and trying different combinations both for night time and day.  We've tried a bunch of different covers, and I've even made asked my husband to use them just once or twice (prepped and ready with a trifold in a cover).  I've hand washed them in my tub both in big groups at the end of the day, and one at a time to decide which I like better (I haven't decided).   I've line dried them outside on sunny days and air dried them inside when the weather wasn't the best.  And I've written about them and videotaped them for Diaper Junction's Cloth Diaper Blog.  Ultimately,  I feel totally and completely prepared for this challenge.  What's best is that I've discovered some things about using flats that I really, REALLY like!

1) They're trim so there's less to wash.

2) Handwashing a couple flats a day lets me procrastinate on the rest of my diaper laundry because it doesn't build up as quickly.

3) They're so soft that I find myself wanting to use them more often on Bunny, especially if she's got a rash.

4) Poop doesn't have to be an awful experience under a flat diaper because there are ways to keep it contained.

5) I kind of like folding them!

6) I feel really good about my daughter wearing flats because they're so gentle. 

As the week approaches, I'm finding myself with a bunch of un-anticipated guests coming (which is great) but with so many people around to change Bunny's diaper, I'm going to have to prepare even more by giving them a tutorial on how to use the trifold in a cover.  And just in case someone slips up or has to change a diaper in a stupor of 1am exhaustion,  I'm preparing to hide all the other diapers until the weeks is over. 

Honestly, though.  I can't wait.  I'm excited to do something different, something with a purpose, and to join with 300 other moms that I may never meet in person to discuss yet another parenting decision.  I'm praying that the survey results that come from this challenge can be used to actually help families in need.  Yeah, the flats challenge is a fun activity and all, but helping struggling parents out is the main reason I want to be involved. 

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