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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Week: Day 2

With family over, I've found it kind of hectic trying to get all the cooking and cleaning done (that's now multiplied) while doing the flats and hand washing challenge, but it's working well enough.  You can read more about that here, at the Cloth Diaper Blog. 

This morning was the best, though...in that I have a funny story to tell! After frantically running around this morning before leaving for work to clean my dishes, sweep and mop the kitchen floor, make lunch (in the crock pot) and then get some laundry done and the newly dried flats folded, I changed Bunny's diaper.  I put her in a kite fold with pins and no cover--which I've done QUITE frequently before with no problems--to help clear up a bit of redness.  Coupled with Grovia's Magic Stick for diaper rash, it cleared up after just an hour or so, but I put her in a second coverless flat just to be sure.  Then I'm in the kitchen chopping up vegetables and I look on the floor to see something small and brown just under my daughter's feet.

"That's funny!" I thought, assuming it was a chocolate teddy graham,  "I just swept and mopped!" 

I looked closer and realized it was poop.  Yikes! I hadn't put the diaper on her snugly enough and she was dropping a trail of turds behind her everywhere she went! I picked it up in a tissue and threw it away and then ran hastily to her bedroom to change her into a covered flat while my sister walked around the kitchen inspecting for more turds (she found three) gagging all the way.

It was kinda funny.  It's moments like these when I miss fitted diapers because you can wear them coverless without worrying about finding poop all over your house! I can say one thing--I'm so SO glad we don't' have carpeting in our kitchen or living room! This might have been a MUCH longer story if we did.

For more information on the Flats and Hand Washing Challenge, check out this post from Kim Rosas at Dirty Diaper Laundry.  

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info said...

thank you for the chuckle : ) I think its great so many people are embracing the challenge. cant wait to hear how you get on...