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Monday, May 23, 2011

Flats and Handwashing Week: Day 1

Ah, so the week has begun and it came much differently than I had anticipated or hoped, but I'm happy all the same.
My family is coming to visit me in increments this week so we have LOTS of caregivers other than my husband and I who will be taking care of Bunny and changing her diapers.  My sister, my Mom, even my brother will probably help with the diaper duty this week which, on a normal week, would be great, but this week it means a little extra work for me prepping trifolded flats into covers to have them ready and waiting and then giving tutorials on how to put the diapers on. 

It also means less time to handwash my flats because I'll be cooking so much more and washing so many more dishes but it means I'll have a little help too, so that's encouraging.  It means that Bunny will be having so much fun playing with her Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma that she won't be clinging to my leg while I"m trying to get house chores done (which she normally does, so I often try to get them done when she's sleeping so I can give her the one on one time she craves so dearly)

So, the week is starting out differently than I'd thought but I think, overall, it will be a fun week full of things learned--but with a little help. 

I also realize that for once, my entire CD stash--minus the flats--will be clean, so I can photo graph it--even though I firmly believe that this is a dorky and obsessive thing to do.  Ha ha! I'm dorky and obsessive, I guess. :-)

PS--that is my photo that I stole from my post on The Cloth Diaper Blog today.  You should read it.  It's all about why my mom switched from cloth diapers to disposables back in the day and relates extremely well to the theme that inspired this week. 

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