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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flats Challenge Days 4 and 5

This week has to be the busiest week ever! I will have had five different family members come and stay over at different (and sometimes the same) times over the course of the seven days of the flats challenge.  It was just coincidence that it happened that way but since it coincides with not only the flats challenge, but one of the last weeks of school before summer vacation, it makes it hard to write about the challenge every week--on my blog at least.  You can read the full stories of both Day 4 and Day 5 (to be posted sometime this morning, Saturday) on The Cloth Diaper Blog.

But I'll give you the long and short of it here.
Thursday was CRAZY!!!  I decided to wash diapers during my daughter's nap rather than in the evening because I was getting tired of washing them half asleep at 10:30 in the evening.  Doing this meant I had the opportunity to line dry them in the sun which meant they dried almost twice as fast,  than they do in my basement.  I also bought some flour sack towels from Target to supplement my flat stash so that if I did have a night where I was too exhausted to wash them, I'd have enough to wash me two days.

We also had tornado warnings which lead to a mad rush on my part to evacuate before the dark clouds reached our area--which was irrational and foolish, but we did it all the same because I was panicking.  And our area was perfectly safe.  The town north of us had a tornado that didn't quite touch down, but my town just had high winds and severe thunderstorms.  But the whole thing took time out of our evening routine and diaper washing.  

Friday was much easier.  I am well ahead of myself with the laundry and could go all day tomorrow without washing if I feel the need.  I like the flour sack towels, though I used them without prepping them.  If you know me you'll know that I always do that with my diapers.  I can never wait til they've been washed and if they leak just a tiny bit, I'm okay with that.  The flour sack towels did leak just a tiny bit--well one did overnight--but it wasn't such a huge leak that I was upset by it.  Just a tiny bit of moisture around Bunny's leg.
 Friday, I also really got a leg up on the diaper washing.  I got so far ahead that all my diapers but three were cleaned and dried.  That means that today, if I don't feel like washing them, I don't have to.  Though tomorrow being a day of rest, I'd much rather skip the wash tomorrow.

Today I'm home all day and I'm excited to see how that will make this challenge go differently.  So far, someone else has taken the challenge for the first four hours of every day and I pick it up at the tail end.  I want to be the one to do the challenge all day today and tomorrow.  Even in church tomorrow I'll be able to do it because I have nursery duty!  Anyway, I don't feel like watermarking my pictures, so I'm going to drag over the pictures I sent to Diaper Junction since they're already watermarked.

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