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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ah, the lilacs!

You don't know this about me but I have quite a fixation with lilacs.  We had beautiful, huge lilac bushes on either side of my house when I was a little girl and the two or three weeks that they were in bloom I would prance around the yard with armfuls of them pretending I was getting married or someone's flower girl.  In fact, I love lilacs so much that I planned my wedding around them.  I got married during lilac season so I could carry a bouquet of them.  Unfortunately, they bloomed early that year and I ended up with wilted lilacs for my pictures, but I wasn't really focused on my bouquet by that point :-D.

Way up north in Rochester, NY, they have a yearly Lilac Festival that I love going to despite the distance and I tried to go every few years until Bunny came into our lives.  While there I take a plethora of photographs of lilacs and I've started to make a little collection of lilac bushes--four in total now.

When my husband got a new job and we moved--leaving a parsonage for an apartment, my father-in-law graciously agreed to let our lilacs live in his yard for awhile.  We bought a house only a few months before Bunny was born and about a month too late to transplant lilacs.  The spring that followed was crazy busy and included me flat on my back for two or three weeks due to back problems so it just didn't happen.  But this year, finally, I will pine for my lilacs no longer because not only are all four bushes back in our yard where they belong, but now they're so much BIGGER than they were when we first got them and promise to yield lots and LOTS of blooms!!!

We planted them about two weeks ago and Bunny mostly just loved the wheel barrow so I took some pictures:

It's too early for them to bloom yet, but there are some exciting little buds that call to me every day when we go out to play.  I just can't WAIT until they flower and yield the most intoxicating and wonderful aromatic scent that God created on this beautiful earth!

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