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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things I'm learning about Flat Diapers

I've been practicing for the Flats and Handwashing Challenge in my house.  I've been using the flats

1) If you accidentally forget to add night protection to a single flat diaper, your baby may wake up drenched in their own urine despite the amazing protection of a Thirsties Cover.

2) Handwashing flats regularly leads to some super dry skin, so stock up on the lotion!

3) Flats are very trim and make my daughter look so much smaller than what I'm accustomed to. 

4) Flats stretch out to a much larger size when line dried than they do when machine dried.  Plus, they have no wrinkles on the edges, leading to easier folding.

5) Not all folds are the same.  The origami fold may work well for one baby, but not another.

6) Flats, as well as many other fabrics, are stiffer when line dried and seem to be much more absorbent this way. 
7) Forgoing pockets and fitteds for flats induces an "Are you crazy???" look from my husband.

8) My daughter hates wearing flats because when I go to pin them (have I mentioned that I hate snappis?), my engagement ring pokes her.  I've started turning it around, but she's already got the flinching reflex from it :-(

9) I currently have only seven flats until my other ones arrive from Diaper Junction, but if I wash each flat as she dirties them it seems to keep more of them in circulation at a time.

10) Two line-dried flats "trifolded" into a Thirsties cover are very absorbent.  If I wanted to, I could let Bunny stay in them for a couple of hours but I do my best to change her right away no matter how little she's peed (She's a frequent wetter).

1 comment:

whocg23 said...

i love this post. I am already getting myself ready for the challenge as well. :) I already got my diaper junction flats and have them prepped. I couldn't believe how trim they are on my LO too.