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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Handmade Easter Dress

A couple of weeks ago I found some pretty cream colored remnants on sale for a couple of cents apiece.  So I bought them with the intent of making Bunny an Easter dress.  Now, I could have done the easy thing and bought a pattern, or even found one online, but no, I decided to design my own.  The problem was, that Bunny was asleep and not only did I not want to wake her, but I've found it impossible to do any sewing when she is awake.  So I made the pattern using a dress she currently wears as a guide for size without being able to check it against her little body to see if it would fit.

The dress came out well, but has a couple of fit issues across the shoulders.  The semi-perfectionist in me isn't pleased about that, but the rest of me is proud at the finished product.  Coupled with a little, sweater shrug with 3/4 length sleeves, this will be darling on Easter Day!


Jessica said...

That's adorable! Well done! (Not like I'm surprised.......)

Leah's Easter dress is pink and green, too - made by my sister in law! Strangely similar, too.... Leah's is a pillowcase dress with tied shoulders. I can't remember right now if it's pink with green trim or vice versa.....but that doesn't matter. There will be pictures. =)

In any case, you did a great job!

María Xi said...

Muy lindo el vestido que le hiciste a tu conejita.
Cariños desde Chile.